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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

TDM as a PM

1. The Elders say that the USA, Singapore, Japan, UK and the EU prefer the BN to win the elections. But they do not want the MO1 as PM.

2. They do not want to see the PH win. They are afraid of the unknown. Neither do they want to see Tun Dr Mahathir as PM again. 

3. They do not want Tun Dr Mahathir as PM because they know Tun Dr Mahathir is clever and very experienced. For 22 years Tun Dr Mahathir was able to stand up to the stupidity and the bullying by the US, UK and the West in general. 

4. Until today Africa, the Third World countries and the Islamic countries all look up to Tun Dr Mahathir as a leader and the spokesman for the Third World. If Tun Dr Mahathir becomes PM again, it will really upset the 'master-slave' relationship that has come back into being in the world today. 

5. Plus Dr Mahathir made Malaysia economically strong and independent. 

6. That is why they do not want Dr Mahathir as PM of Malaysia.

Monday, May 7, 2018

To Win Malays Vote

You only need to do a combination of these things to get Malay votes;

1. Use "Islam is being insulted".

2. Use "Malay under threat".

3. Give money, even RM10 will create miracles.

Just hopeless bunch of people, doesn't matter if they had a PhD from Harvard.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rakyat Are Struggling..

1. Is GDP a truly accurate measure to gauge the economic growth of our country? 

2. People now are struggling to make ends meet. There is hardly any food on the table. 

3. Graduates are struggling to find jobs. Restaurants and shops are closing down. Companies are carrying out retrenchments. So many people are unemployed.

4. Allocation for poor student's fund been cut half from 200 to 100. Same goes with other allocations too for other ministries as well. 

5. And BN government are saying the economy in good shape. Just wonder why the cut if the economy is in good shape ? 

6. But one thing for sure, PM Najib are really a capable person cause even after witnessing too many scandals and hideouts, still a large number of people are waiting to vote him..sad truth..

7. We are not Rakyat kepala bapak bangang tak ada akal listening to opposition way Z to A. We are going trough A to Z, the economy crisis, we Rakyat are really suffering, we tried hard to struggle but afraid there will be a day where no chance to struggle.

8. I'm not tech savvy, not economically inclined people. BN government can come out with prospectus, figures, statistics etc. but I looked at economics as it is like any other layman at the market. 

9. What can I get with my RM10 today? Some decent size sardine RM11/kg, chicken RM8.60/kg (1whole chicken is RM13), cooking oil RM23/5kg, don't look at meat to avoid heartache. 

10. I guess we are 'rich' nation where everyone earns enough and can afford daily means.

11. The indicator for us normal people is how much and what our money can buy for our daily needs. 

12. Most of us are not even thinking of luxury items. All we want is a normal and peaceful life with our daily necessities satisfied. 

13. How to achieve this when salary is stagnant but price of provisions and food is increasing at a frequent basis. Hopefully this can be resolved soon after GE-14.

14. The Rakyat aren't listening to fake news but are experiencing it ourselves. The Rakyat is educated and well informed.

15. How not to believe when we are experiencing it first hand! RM has shrink to a level, it is useless in overseas. No purchasing power as it had in the 90s. Country's debt on the rise, companies not making money, retrenchment everywhere, banks closing branches and so on. So, who is telling the truth?

16. Sitting high up there listening to apple polishers is fake news. Come down to grassroots level and live like us then say if it's good or not.

17. If BN government have the confidence of the people, they shouldn't be worried about Rakyat listening to fake news. 

18. It is because BN government have been hiding or silent for too long that Rakyat no longer have confidence in BN government.

19. Now, in the absent of solid, believable news, BN government can't blame the good people for listening to 'fake news', which they say is better than unbelievable, dictated-news.

20. Only time can heal and time is what BN government don't have and they know it. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Realiti Politik PRU-14

Perbezaan Jumlah Calon Kerusi Parlimen Melayu & Bukan Melayu antara parti Barisan Nasional VS Pakatan Harapan (PKR) PRU-14

1. Barisan Nasional (Daripada 222 Calon berdasarkan laporan pengesahan pencalonan SPR)

Calon Melayu = 128
Calon Cina = 60
Calon India = 12
Calon Pribumi Bukan Islam = 22

Realiti Politik

Calon Melayu BN = 128
Calon Bukan Melayu/Bukan Islam BN = 94

2. Pakatan Harapan (PKR) (Daripada 203 Calon berdasarkan laporan pengesahan pencalonan SPR)

Calon Melayu = 128
Calon Cina = 46
Calon India = 12
Calon Pribumi Bukan Islam = 17

Realiti Politik

Calon Melayu PH (PKR) = 128
Calon Bukan Melayu/Bukan Islam PH (PKR) = 75

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