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Saturday, March 19, 2011

KDN: Kementerian Dayus Negara

Pelbagai hujah dari sudut perlembagaan, perundangan serta fakta telah diberikan, namun Perdana Menteri dan Menteri KDN masih nak playsafe sehingga mengguris hati ramai orang Melayu. Alang-alang geng kristian sengaja cari pasal isu bible Melayu, maka blog ini mengisytiharkan PERANG kepada sesiapa sahaja penganut kristian di negara ini yang TERSANGATLAH KURANG AJAR terhadap sensitiviti umat ISLAM di Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Berikut adalah siri pertama, "20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity" by Chaz Bufe.

AMARAN: Artikel ini ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris kerana "Itulah pentingnya english education."

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity

1. Christianity is based on fear

While today there are liberal clergy who preach a gospel of love, they ignore the bulk of Christian teachings, not to mention the bulk of Christian history. Throughout almost its entire time on Earth, the motor driving Christianity has been—in addition to the fear of death—fear of the devil and fear of hell. One can only imagine how potent these threats seemed prior to the rise of science and rational thinking, which have largely robbed these bogeys of their power to inspire terror.

But even today, the existence of the devil and hell are cardinal doctrinal tenets of almost all Christian creeds, and many fundamentalist preachers still openly resort to terrorizing their followers with lurid, sadistic portraits of the suffering of nonbelievers after death. This is not an attempt to convince through logic and reason; it is not an attempt to appeal to the better nature of individuals; rather, it is an attempt to whip the flock into line through threats, through appeals to a base part of human nature—fear and cowardice.

2. Christianity preys on the innocent

If Christian fear-mongering were directed solely at adults, it would be bad enough, but Christians routinely terrorize helpless children through grisly depictions of the endless horrors and suffering they’ll be subjected to if they don’t live good Christian lives. Christianity has darkened the early years of generation after generation of children, who have lived in terror of dying while in mortal sin and going to endless torment as a result.

All of these children were trusting of adults, and they did not have the ability to analyze what they were being told; they were simply helpless victims, who, ironically, victimized following generations in the same manner that they themselves had been victimized. The nearly 2000 years of Christian terrorizing of children ranks as one of its greatest crimes. And it’s one that continues to this day.

3. Christianity is based on dishonesty

The Christian appeal to fear, to cowardice, is an admission that the evidence supporting Christian beliefs is far from compelling. If the evidence were such that Christianity’s truth was immediately apparent to anyone who considered it, Christians—including those who wrote the Gospels—would feel no need to resort to the cheap tactic of using fear-inducing threats to inspire "belief." ("Lip service" is a more accurate term.) That the Christian clergy have been more than willing to accept such lip service (plus the dollars and obedience that go with it) in place of genuine belief, is an additional indictment of the basic dishonesty of Christianity.

How deep dishonesty runs in Christianity can be gauged by one of the most popular Christian arguments for belief in God: Pascal’s wager. This "wager" holds that it’s safer to "believe" in God (as if belief were volitional!) than not to believe, because God might exist, and if it does, it will save "believers" and condemn nonbelievers to hell after death. This is an appeal to pure cowardice. It has absolutely nothing to do with the search for truth. Instead, it’s an appeal to abandon honesty and intellectual integrity, and to pretend that lip service is the same thing as actual belief. If the patriarchal God of Christianity really exists, one wonders how it would judge the cowards and hypocrites who advance and bow to this particularly craven "wager."

4. Christianity is extremely egocentric

The deep egocentrism of Christianity is intimately tied to its reliance on fear. In addition to the fears of the devil and hell, Christianity plays on another of humankind’s most basic fears: death, the dissolution of the individual ego. Perhaps Christianity’s strongest appeal is its promise of eternal life. While there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim, most people are so terrified of death that they cling to this treacly promise insisting, like frightened children, that it must be true. Nietzsche put the matter well:

"salvation of the soul—in plain words, the world revolves around me."

It’s difficult to see anything spiritual in this desperate grasping at straws—this desperate grasping at the illusion of personal immortality.

Another manifestation of the extreme egotism of Christianity is the belief that God is intimately concerned with picayune aspects of, and directly intervenes in, the lives of individuals. If God, the creator and controller of the universe, is vitally concerned with your sex life, you must be pretty damned important. Many Christians take this particular form of egotism much further and actually imagine that God has a plan for them, or that God directly talks to, directs, or even does favors for them.

If one ignored the frequent and glaring contradictions in this supposed divine guidance, and the dead bodies sometimes left in its wake, one could almost believe that the individuals making such claims are guided by God. But one can’t ignore the contradictions in and the oftentimes horrible results of following such "divine guidance." As "Agent Mulder" put it (perhaps paraphrasing Thomas Szasz) in a 1998 X-Files episode,

"When you talk to God it’s prayer, but when God talks to you it’s schizophrenia... God may have his reasons, but he sure seems to employ a lot of psychotics to carry out his job orders."

In less extreme cases, the insistence that one is receiving divine guidance or special treatment from God is usually the attempt of those who feel worthless—or helpless, adrift in an uncaring universe—to feel important or cared for. This less sinister form of egotism is commonly found in the expressions of disaster survivors that,

"God must have had a reason for saving me" (in contrast to their less-worthy-of-life fellow disaster victims, whom God—who controls all things—killed).

Again, it’s very difficult to see anything spiritual in such egocentricity.

5. Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen-people mentality

It’s only natural that those who believe (or play act at believing) that they have a direct line to the Almighty would feel superior to others. This is so obvious that it needs little elaboration. A brief look at religious terminology confirms it. Christians have often called themselves "God’s people," "the chosen people," "the elect," "the righteous," etc., while nonbelievers have been labeled "heathens," "infidels," and "atheistic Communists" (as if atheism and Communism are intimately connected). This sets up a two-tiered division of humanity, in which "God’s people" feel superior to those who are not "God’s people."

That many competing religions with contradictory beliefs make the same claim seems not to matter at all to the members of the various sects that claim to be the only carriers of "the true faith." The carnage that results when two competing sects of "God’s people" collide—as in Ireland and Palestine—would be quite amusing but for the suffering it causes.

To be continue...


  1. Tahniah Saudara! Anda telah berjaya mengupas kepincangan orang Kristian. Tahniah juga kerana anda tidak akan tunduk dan tidak akan tepengaruh dengan kemunculan Bible dalam Bahasa Malaysia seperti yang di takut-takutkan selama ini.
    Semoga saudara sihat keseluruhannya.

  2. Kah..kah..kah..Aku orang islam dan tinggal di Sarawak. Kau boleh mati dengan isu ni di Semenanjung saja. Jangan bawa masuk sini.Kami orang sarawak dah lama tinggal bersama macam keluarga dengan masyarakat kristian. Korang nak berbunuh, berperang kat semenanjung sana suka ati koranglah. Jangan pula nak kata diri tu lebih islam dari pak arab. Kalau islam tu kuat betul, ko pegilah berperang dengan Israel. Jangan nak melalak dalam blog je.

  3. Kat mana Hang belajar tentang Islam?
    Macam ni ke nak tunjuk keagungan agama mu?
    Mencaci dan menghina agama orang lain terutama yang juga diperturunkan buku-buku tiada dalam adat orang Melayu Islam.
    Kau ni, pariah betul!

  4. Salam saudara,
    Tujuan yg murni dlm menangkis "seruan" halus para kafirin. Tapi saya rasa angle saudara boleh backfire sikit. Bercakap tentang ego, superiority, chosen people, hell dll ada banyak persamaan spt agama kita. Contoh ego ni jelas terdapat pada ulama' PAS dan penyokong taksubnya. Hell pula - kita masa kecil pun ditakut-takutkan oleh ibubapa tentang musibah hell ini - dgn tujuan mendisplin anak2 dgn cara mudah.
    Saya cadangkan tulis berkenaan perbezaan "Bible" dgn Al-Quran (inverted commas intended as it's a so-called Bible as there are many versions with diff number of chapters). Tulis tentang kelemahan2 yg terdapat di dalam "Injil" Bahasa Melayu ini. Hujah2 utk ini amatlah mudah, cuma kita org Melayu Islam sentiasa menjaga hati kaum2 lain di bumi Malaysia tercinta ini. Nampaknya kaduk sudah naik junjung semenjak PRU lepas dan hati kita terguris satu demi satu, dari segi hak Melayu dan Islam. Ini ditokok tambah oleh puak2 politik sempit, Melayu liberal & kaum Lot.
    Rujuk tulisan Arwah Syeikh Ahmed Deedat bagi mempertengahkan kepalsuan Injil ini.
    Terima kasih. Teruskan perjuangan saudara.
    P/s: Allah kita dan Allah mereka tidak sekali2 sama. Sebab itu saya bangkang Allah digunakan mereka. Tujuan mereka... Tau sama tau...

  5. Kenapa la bingai btul anon 9.48pm ni. Sanggup mencaci sesama saudara seIslam yg sedang cuba mempertahankan maruah Islam yg cuba dipermainkan golongan kafirun kristian di negara ni. Entahlah. Kadang2 pelik memikirkan apabila saudara seagama lebih rela menjaga perasaan kafirun berbanding menjaga perasaan saudara seIslamnya sendiri.

    Tapi orang macam anon 8.33pm ni lagi teruk. Org Islam macam ni la yg menyebabkan Islam tak kuat dan lemah di negara ni. Kalau kafirun boleh bersatu, kenapa tidak umat Islam?

    Teruskan perjuangan mu Paneh Miang. Aku percaya ramai org menyokong mu di luar sana. Moga usaha anda diredhai Allah swt hendaknya.


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