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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PROJECT VATICAN: Blueprint for the Restoration of the Global Kingdom of Jesus Christ by John Quintano

Project Vatican is dedicated to the restoration of the Global Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the third millennium. The five-fold means by which this restoration is being accomplished. Each of these strategies is in full effect, albeit for varying lengths of time. The execution of the first strategy listed below was begun almost 150 years ago, with each following strategy characterized by progressively later geneses; the last strategy began to be realized at the close of the 20th century.

1. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the perpetuation of visions, miracles and revelations.

This was begun in 1854 with the private revelation of Sophie Prouvier on the devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, the same year of the proclamation of the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary; the latter was reinforced in Lourdes, France in 1858 when Our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, and the former in 1868, when Pius IX indulgenced an invocation to the Eucharistic Heart. Since then, an unceasing procession of miracles and revelations (the most notable being the 1917 Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, the promulgation in 1925 of the Reign of Christ the King, the approval of the Divine Mercy Devotion in 1978 and the messages and miracles from Our Lady of Medjugorje from 1981 to the present) has kept the eye of Christendom fixed upon Rome and her guiding signal fire, the Vatican.

2. Dilution of the eschatological models of Biblical prophesy by means of the aforementioned extra-biblical revelations.

The last bastion of Protestantism will fall once the masses of uneducated Christian fundamentalists are no longer able to defend and promote their "last days" interpretations of the prophetic books of the Bible, due to the continuing modern-day revelations and miracles associated with the Church of Rome. With the removal of the so-called "papal threat" from the pulpits of reformation congregations, the ecumenical movement implemented by Pope Paul VI at the Second Vatican Council will be able to proceed unfettered by hermeneutical separatism.

3. The alignment of the homosexual agenda with religious and racial equality, guaranteeing a support base sufficient in number to legislate Biblical Christian fundamentalism into the category of "hate speech".

Once this is accomplished, the Vatican will be free to overtly implement the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Assemblies (RCEA) as the only legally recognized religious assembly. This will pave the way for the arrest, incarceration and re-education of all clergy, as well as their family members, who are not in registered communion with the RCEA.

4. International monopolistic control of all financial institutions and transactions.

This began January 1, 1993 with the creation of the European Roman Empire (ERE). VISA Corporation is poised to label every citizen, upon request from the ERE, with identifying barcode technology. The current backlash against the paranoia of the religious right-wing in the United States and Canada has ensured a very liberal, relaxed attitude toward this imminent accounting system. Slated for the year 2001, this will enable the World Trade Organization (WTO) to require all governments operating under WTO agreements to join the ERE system in identifying all citizens and monetary transactions. Full global cooperation is expected, as it is anticipated that those governments refusing to cooperate with the WTO will, in effect, "comply by attrition".

5. The Global Eucharistic Community.

With the rampant materialism, environmental destruction and military instability of the capitalist systems fully extinguished through the controls set in place by the new global economy, the Vatican-backed RCEA will be in position to compel international compliance to Eucharistic adoration and communion, ushering in the peace and prosperity inherent in the Kingship of Jesus Christ. The Global Eucharistic Community (GEC) was formally invoked by the Vatican on December 31, 1999, which will preside over the WTO, the GEC and the RCEA.


  1. Come to Papa Roma, I proclaim thee bishop of 1Malaysia.

  2. Ko lupa ni kot:

    Project: Vatican
    Blueprint for the Restoration of the Global Kingdom of Jesus Christ

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    Ni projek mamat sekor ni. Takde kene mengena ngan VATICAN pon. Bulan posa - toksah nak laga-laga kan orang ngikut agama. Tak baik.

    Pak Dol

  3. Pak Dol jangan pulak buat2 lupa baca,

    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/vaticanjesuit_globaconspiracy.pdf by Dr. Ronald Cooke.

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    Laga-lagakan antara agama? Sekadar mengingatkan saja.


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