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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Presiden Filipina cakap...

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III on Monday reiterated that the government would pursue peaceful means to resolve clashes between followers of the Sultanate of Sulu and the Malaysian government.

In a press conference, he said that their priority was to ensure the safety of the 800,000 Filipinos currently based in Sabah.

Tension escalated as fresh firefights erupted in Semporna town this weekend, after the standoff in Lahad Datu town ended with fatalities in both sides.

The President maintained that using force to resolve "the territorial dispute on Sabah" (is the Sulu a recognized gov? or they are just terrorist?) would only worsen the situation, saying there could be no reasonable discussion if one party is trying to resolve the issue at gunpoint. "Hindi risonableng humingi ng pangunawa kung nakatutok ang iyong armas sa kanyang mukha."

Asked if he gave clearance for the Malaysian authorities to go after the royal army, Aquino said that if the tables were turned and it was the Philippines which was under attack, he would not be asking for anyone’s clearance to defend his people.

"Pwede bang magsawalang kibo tayo? Kahit anong lahi, papalag (Can we remain silent? Any country and its people will fight back)," he said.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario is headed to Malaysia to speak with his counterpart Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and Aquino said he would await word about talks on the situation in Sabah Monday night.

The President also said that they have received intelligence reports on a conspiracy which led to the standoff—possibly linked to "people from the former administration." (Anwar ke?)

"Hindi kaya ng angkan ni Kiram gawin ng mag-isa ang ganitong kilos (The Kiram family would not be able to do this on its own)," Aquino said, pointing out that the royal army needed at least two boats, a speedboat, funds and food, in carrying out its mission in Sabah.

He said that they were already looking at certain persons of interest and were gathering evidence on the alleged conspiracy. - INQUIRER.net.

The third group is allegedly the Malaysian political opposition, which is gearing up for general elections that may be called before June. The intelligence officer said that one member of the Malaysian political opposition allied with Anwar Ibrahim was running for a post in Sabah. "Apparently, this politician was one of those who spoke with the Kirams. He supposedly gave the opposition’s support to the Kirams’ claim to Sabah," the source said. - Gov’t intel eyes 3 groups abetting Sulu sultan’s claim.


  1. Hari ini, hari bersejarah setelah melebihi 50 tahun Merdeka bom terpaksa digugurkan untuk menghapus penceroboh-penceroboh jahil yang masih ingat Sabah itu adalah hak mereka. Walaupun Bom terpaksa digugurkan di Sabah demi menjaga kedaulatan Sabah yang berada di dalam Malaysia rakyat semenanjung tetap terasa ledakan dentuman bom itu.

    Rakyat Malaysia merasa cukup tertekan dengan ketegangan pencerobohan di Sabah. Hampir setiap saat cubitan di paha kanan paha kiri juga terasa sakitnya. Bagi rakyat yang biasa ini kita hanya mampu berdoa agar Lahad Datu dan Semporna, Sabah akan pulih kembali dengan suasana damai penuh keheningan dan pantai putih bersih tidak dilumuri darah.

  2. Sedarilah kamu paneh miang!!! Kamu memang puak penipu dan pengecut !! Komen lawan dipadamkan padahal kau yg kuat maki hamun org tanpa fakta!! Hanya orang yang degil dan tolak kebenaran saja yg ikut kamu!! Kita jumpa di mahsyar!!!


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