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Friday, July 24, 2009

When will they let the cat out of the bag

There was a Kingdom of Swine in far faraway land. The Premiership is known as Ten Sire Khoo Lead and assisted by the real King, Mr Ronnie Burkshire. The kingdom is so prosper that Ten Sire Khoo Lead boasted that "I don't need a single penny from the King of England as my kingdom is so rich". Mr Ronnie, his able aide laughed mischievously but at the same time is worried about what happened last week. One of the worker in the Castle of Red Yellow has committed suicide. This is because the able worker who was still in his teen knew a lot and Ronnie Burkshire is worried that the able worker would defected to the King of England.

Meanwhile, Lord Theresa call upon all the subjects of Kingdom of Swine to the Castle. "Listen here, one of the worker in the castle has been found murdered and pushed from the balcony into the swamp. I hereby declare war with the King of England" she said furiously whilst the crowd clapping and cheering. They shouted "Hail to Lord Theresa. Hail to a Republic Kingdom of Swine". Burkshire who saw this proclamation from one of the room in the castle laughed and shouted "Yes, now I am the real King of Kingdom of Swine. Ten Sire Khoo Lead will be thrown into the dungeon one fine day".

The King of England has ordered upon his able knightship to investigate the sudden death of a subject in the Kingdom of Swine. He is worried that the mysterious death would be blown out of proportion by the Lords of that particular kingdom.


1 comment:

  1. Salam Paneh,

    InsyaAllah, when its TIME ...the cat or cats will let itself or themselves out our the bag or the bags.

    p/s is my English correct?

    Also there is a Malay proverb: You can close the tempayan mouth. (Tempayan is the huge jar used by olden days Malays. At that time the Malays got no piping system only the wells or the perigi or they did 'everything' at the nearest river. Can we live like them now??)BUT you cannot close the peoples' mouths.

    Peoples' mouths are also subjective. Now everyone talks but they also type using the keyboards..so we cannot stop blogging too, to spread the 'secrets in those bags"..

    Ha ha.... we wait what will transpire soon, InsyaAllah.
    Be prepared...SO MANY will defend the DAP. Many Malays now had forgotten the Tempayan their foregrandfathers once used.


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