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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As reported in Sin Chew Jit Poh on the 2nd March, the deputy editor Tay Ting Yan critized the Majlis Permuafakatan Melayu (MPM) noble gathering. Tay said that the Malays are like the Caucasian in America and the Chinese in Malaysia are like the Red Indians. Please, Mr Tay, correct your statement. Who are controlling the economy in this country? Who are the richest man in Malaysia? In fact, only one Malay is in the top ten of the richest man in Malaysia. The Chinese do get their vernacular schools. The Red Indians are not even given the privileges to attend to their own mother tongue classes in the education system in the United States. What about the Suqui's request that are so ridiculous. They wanted so many things that I do wonder whether they appreciate the Malays noble and kind move in giving them the nationality based on the jus soli principle.

Mr Tay, if the Malays are so racist your newspaper will not even be given the permit to operate. Well, I do think that this is a new agenda and a planned move by certain quarters to demand more for the Chinese in this country. Stop being a kiasu or you may as well be omitted from getting the Perkara 14 in the Federal Constitution, The Nationality!


  1. the richest people in Malaysia?
    what about chief justice? the head of army? PM? finance minister? IGP? Education minister? CEO of petronas?

    look at Utusan and Berita Harian..

    bloody racist papers and yet you are defending them?

    dont be a hypocrite......

    UMNO has been using this tactic to create fear among the citizens.. so if you are a sensible malaysian, stop defending your own racist groups

  2. your comments suit your name very well HYPOCRITE!!! shame on you!!!

  3. jika melayu pertahan hak sendiri ko panggil racist ya hypocrite? kaum lain attact melayu tak racist pulak? sah kau racist.

  4. UMnoNgok are HEAD of RACIST in Malaysia...
    Sojuk dah Paneh ko!?? Kah! Kah! Kah! Kah!!!

  5. To Hypcrite:

    If the Malays are so racist:-

    1. There wouldn't be SJKT and SJKC at all;

    2. All Malaysians should have been communicating in fluent Bahasa Melayu, like the Thais and Indonesians;

    3. There's no signages in other languages;

    4. Having Chinese and Indian Ministers in the Cabinet is only a dream;

    5. We wouldn't even have any opposition party as chauvinistic as DAP or even Gerakan & MCA;

    6. We wouldn't allowed ownership of landed property;

    7. There's no such thing as temples,kovils or churches in Malaysia;

    8. There wouldn't be too many public holidays like CNY, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Christmas, Wesak and whatnots;

    9. Etc etc etc.. A lot more to write..

    So Hypocrite! be careful with what you write and say... we are watching closely people like you!




  7. Halau je Cina balik negeri Cina

  8. Setuju dengan dinturtle di atas. Pemimpin Melayu di Malaysia adalah cukup baik dan bukan seperti layanan terhadap Cina di negara Asean yang lain.

  9. Yang racist orang macam Tay, Lim Guan Eng dan Lim Kit Siang je

  10. bilo kito tak bori chin peng balik ko tanah melayu dio kato kitoni racist, jadi kopado hipocriteataupun blue hippo, kau po'ielah cari tompek yang kau raso kau buleh jadi raja kek situ. tak usah menyusahkan orang kek sini.

  11. Nampak gayenye ramai kaum lain yang tak sedar diri..semua nak untung saje..Hidup Melayu! Ini tanahairku!

  12. cubo baco artikel dalam Sinar semalam (11 Mac 2010).. oleh Tan Melaka. Dio puji kito guno namo penjajah untuk education institution di wilayah iskandariah... dio kato namo melayu tak layak sobab melayu keturunan Lanun..

    dah terbuang pulak suratkhabar tu... tapi title dia ada sebut Mahathir dan nasionalisme mcm tak relevan lagi dgn era globalisasi...

    mmg kurang ajar punya article..

  13. Kalau macam inilah gayanya perangai mereka, eloklah kita, bak kata Dinturtle dan Tebing tinggi, kita harus jadi dua kali racist daripada mereka.

    Alang2 sudah digelar racist, walaupun sebenar tidak, baik kita betul2 tukar sifat, perangai dan pemikiran kita dan terus jadi racist. KIta didik anak2 kita supaya berperangai begitu...



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