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Monday, March 29, 2010

What the f....

Hindraf to debate Article 153- In British parliament

The debate over Article 153 of the Federal Constitution pertaining to the definition of 'bumiputera' may shift overseas from Malaysia's Dewan Rakyat to the British Parliament, if efforts by Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy come to fruition.

According to Waythamoorthy, a gathering of the Queen's Counsels (QC) will debate Article 153 in light of declassified documents on the talks held between Tunku Abdul Rahman and officials of the British government pertaining to the Merdeka. - Malaysiakini

Again, another absurb move. The Federal Constitution were made and agreed upon by the three races before Independent, namely Malays, Chinese and Indians. If the Malays did not agree to give the nationality to the non Malays, none of them would be citizens of Malaysia. Please, be grateful and by debating the said article in the UK, Hindraf is making mockery out of the parliament democracy practised in this country. These people should give away their nationality as Malaysians, ungrateful bunch of m..... f......


  1. The HINDRAF, the British and others who supported them (HINDRAF) should be chased out from this country.

  2. Salam,

    Saya merasakan bahawa ada rakyat negara ini tidak sedar dan tidak mahu memahami sejarah. Sejarah membuktikan pengorbanan orang Melayu. Nampaknya pengorbanan orang Melayu dibalas begini. Dasar tak sedar dan tak mengenang jasa.

  3. Yo polok lah Hindraf tu pak Najib ooi.

  4. Ahmad Akasah..
    is that true only MELAYU who sacrifice everything in MALAYSIA..
    don't judge too soon dude..what about PETROLEUM that came from SARAWAK..??do MALAYA have a lot of PETROLEUM..no,i don't think so..so,don't just talk about your MELAYU dude..SEMENANJUNG is NOTHING without SARAWAK!!


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