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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to 9th January 2012

Are the students emulating what is happening in the Middle East? Why is Tian Chua among those who were at PWTC yesterday? All these seems to be a well planned event before the verdict of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's sodomy case. As for the students, do they know what they are doing? If they are not satisfied with the yet to be pass amendments of AUKU, they should hand over the memorandum to the Federal Government in Putrajaya and NOT UMNO's headquarter in KL.

Clearly, these are planned in order to create anarchy. They do know that their popularity is going down and therefore, PKR has to do things in order to gain popularity. As for the decision of the sodomy case, let the judge decides. Furthermore, it is a personal case between Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim against Saiful and NOT between UMNO and PKR.

Personally, I am sad with the actions of these few undergraduates. What do they get by doing all these unfruitful things. They should concentrate on their study and strive to be the best. Please be rationale guys.

Ironically, the deputy minister was there to accept their memorandum. He even smiled and as if nothing happened. The students lowered the flag of the UMNO's President and that particular deputy minister, being a Supreme Council of UMNO do not show his frustration or anger!


  1. He, Anwar Ibrahim is going down and thus he wants to brings others along..typical of a coward. Everything about UMNO is wrong and bad but WAS GOOD and excellent when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Tian Chua on the other hand is an opportunist. And he rides on the Malays without them realizing or these Malays like to be taken for a ride.It was so easy for him to be an MP, to please the Malays..no need to work hard for them, think of their future..nothing... just by GULING GULING on the road...such a sacrifice for the Malays!!!!!!!

    And now even University students are listening to him! And these are Malay students...

  2. Setuju tu Melayuangkat...barua betul si Tian Chua

  3. Apa pun mereka telah kaya raya dan mudah lepas spt isu terbaru LOMBU.


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