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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tali lobih MAHAL dari Kobau

Inilah Perang Psikologi paling hebat abad ini.

Daulat Tuanku!


  1. Drivers Syafiq Ali and James Veerapan delivered a crushing victory for PROTON in the inaugural running of the one-hour endurance race format in the Malaysian Touring Car Championship.

    Staring from pole position in Class 2 for production cars up to 1600cc, the PROTON pair claimed the chequred flag at Sepang International Circuit after completing a total of 22 laps, finishing one lap clear of any threat. In second place was the pair of Wong Yew Choong and Harry Chai who were more than two minutes behind in a Satria Neo.

    The PROTON R3 Racing Team 1600cc Satria Neo was entrusted to Syafiq who started the race and drove for nine laps before pitting for a driver change. Veerapan then drove to the end of the one-hour limit completing an additional 13 laps.

    The pair’s fastest lap time was 2 min: 39.089 seconds.

  2. Proton clinched victory in the two-wheel drive category with reigning APRC Junior champion Akira Bamba. The Japanese finished ahead of Proton privateer Sanjay Takle. The Junior category was won by New Zealander Mike Young, also in a Proton Satria Neo.


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