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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malaysia's Youngest Blogger

Bernama in July 2009 reported about an 11 years old as the country's youngest blogger. We wonder how and why would Bernama reported Gloson as one when there are other bloggers who are much younger than him.

Ahmad Ali Karim was only 5 years old when he started blogging in August 2008 and now he's 9 years old.

This mama’s boy who likes playing Lego blocks, reading, writing stories, and travelling is determined to become a politician one day. He also masters various computer skills especially Microsoft Power Point.

He's probably the youngest blogger in Malaysia, maybe in the world too!

We from Paneh Miang are amazed to see a blogger as young as 5 years old, and we feel really proud of this young man. His writing is simple yet thought provoking. Reading his blog gives us new experience and refreshing perspectives on the current socio-political issues. We appreciate everything that this young man has to offer in his blogsphere and we hope he will achieve his dream to become a great politician one day!

To Ahmad Ali, may Allah bless you and keep up the awesome job!

Feel free to visit his blog at ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com.


  1. tak sangka ada juga anak kecil yg brbakat dlm dunia penulisan spt adik ahmad ali ni..blog dia sngat menarik..gaya penulisan xmcm bdk yg bru brumur 9thn..

  2. Takkan kau orang tak paham2... Bernama, Rtm, Tv3 sma je... Mana ada berita yang betul. Semua kona-kona.

  3. kalau semua xbtl ko xpyah tgk tv la...cm tu??ko jd katak bwh tmpurung je laaa...APTB

  4. Assalamualaikum, thank you very much for writing a special post about me. And thank you for the doa. I feel very proud and excited.

  5. Bagus adik ahmad ali..hope adik terus bkarya dan menolak ajaran dan pengaruh kumpulan2 parti syaitan dan perkauman seperti UMNO dan barisan nasional..ini adalah nasihat walaupun adik belum mendaftar sbg pengundi..selamat belajar ilmu agama dunia akhirat.


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