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Sunday, January 20, 2013

To all christians...

Komen ini kami jadikan posting sebagai renungan bersama terutama kepada penganut Kristian di Malaysia.


To Jo n Jo [di nutgraph].

There is a saying - 'don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you'.

And the Roman Catholic Church [RCC] had just done that-'jolok the sarang tebuan'

Even if true, what has hundred of years, Allah had been used elsewhere' got to do with what the gomen here decide ?

Why the obsession with the use of Allah?


There are phrases which are translated out of context like holy ghost - which erroneously translated as 'roh'. 

Roh is 'life' given to man so that when he dies the 'roh' leaves the body of the man. And it has been shown by French scientists that 'roh' has a mass and by an application of Einstein's Theory, it can be transformed as 'energy'!

Why does an omniprescient, all powerful god requires an attribute [roh] of a man? Fuck@ng stupid.

And the translation of 'holy ghost' as a 'roh kudus'?

Look at the story of how the 'ghost' first appeared in the christian story board. Paul [or Saul ashe was known earlier] said he saw Jesus as a ghost [bm-pontianak] after he was crucified [died]. So why the 'roh kudus' is a translation for holy ghost?

Should not a correct Bahasa Melayu translation for holy ghost be 'pontianak bersih'?

The RCC willy nilly translate the bible in any nice sounding language to attract the melayus rather than accurately translate what the entity truly is. 

Applying Shakepeares 'a rose by any other name..' in this situation, a holy ghost is translated as 'pontianak bersih'. And that is a downgrade of of what the RCC [Indonesia Branch] had given the 'holy ghost'?

And if some of you like to maintain the catholic god is one, why not delete the 'holy ghost' and the 'son' bit in the Melayu bible and no one would object the RCC St John branch to use Allah. I for one would support you.

After all the RCC had been challenged by the likes of greats - Galileo, and Martin Luther King. Now would Pakiam and Andrew Lawrence going to be an Asian great making history like MLK to drop the doctrine of holy ghost and the son of god thingy?

This would entail giving a finger to the vatican's Holy See - up yours!

After all christians in America and Europe have emerged adopting doctrine of one god-junking the holy ghost and son bit and adopting Jesus Al Masih as prophet of Allah.

They are the unitarians!!!

Sumber KKK.


  1. WTF are you writing about. Not comprehensible! Stick to your religion while we have our relationship with Jesus

  2. Excuse me miss... u better shut your mouth before your article become the next viral thingy on the net... take a lesson from the listen lady!


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