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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who is at fault?

Once upon a time there was a blind farmer who lived in a farm with his 3 sons. They were poor and had to strive to live from day to day. One day the youngest son suggested to both his elder brothers that they should work the farm by growing wheat. From wheat they can make bread and can sell and eat them. The elder brothers told they liked the idea but they were too busy to earn small pay from working at other people’s farms. Determined by his ideas, the youngest brother worked the farm and plant wheat on the farm. His hard work paid off when the wheat grew, ripe and were ready to be harvested. One day the blind farmer found out wheat were grown on his land and asked his 3 sons whose effort was that in growing the wheat. The first son claimed it was his and so did the second son. The third son who was so surprised of his brothers’ action, just kept quiet. The farmer was so pleased that later on he bequeaths the land to the first and the second son only.


  1. So...the moral of story is don't just keep quite if u have something to say. Say it...shout it out loud so that others will have the chance to hear your say.

    Betui ke kawan?? BlueHope main tangkap je nih. Otak pun tak brape function nih sbb byk sgt dngar citer2 politik kartun akhir2 nih...

  2. Hahaha..bluehope, it's all about values.

  3. The blind farmer knew very well that his youngest son can survive without land!!

    "No short-cut to Heaven, my sons"

    "Why wait for the Heaven of the Hereafter, if we we can't 'see' the Heaven of the present World"

    "Allah in tne present World and Allah in the Hereafter, is the same Allah"

    "So, being with Allah is the real Heaven, my sons!!"

  4. The moral of the story?

    Never trust even your own brothers?


    Never take any words even from your own sons without first investigating the facts??

  5. Haiya!Do we really need to understand the moral of the story?Well try this- you worked hard and kept quiet so that you can see your brothers rot in hell in Hereafter!

  6. Tak ape.. Harta tak buleh bawak mati?

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73


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