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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conspiracy Theories - Part 1

There are a lot of conspiracy theories. Inevitably, all these theories made the readers believe and ended in the Barisan Nasional losing 5 states (one is won back technically) last year in the general election. One of the famous article was "The Khairry Chronicles" in which thousand read it and consume what Raja Petra said. Sad to say, all these made the Malays being divided into factions. Some supported the government, some believe what the PR said and some could not been bothered. No matter what, the political landscape has changed the mass perception about leaders in our country. In the last few years, more are interested in politics and all the coffee shops are buzzed with people talking about politics.

Some of the juicy story is that in fact PAS was considering having a unity government right after the General election with UMNO and BN. It was said that Dato' Dr. Hassan Ali would eventually become the Menteri Besar but the agreement did not materialised because Khir Toyo insisted that he wanted to be the Menteri Besar. An older version of the story is that Anwar was against the merger of UMNO and PAS in Selangor. In the recent Elizabeth Wong case, it was said that Azmin Ali who ordered the naked pictures to be distributed in order for Tan Sri Khalid to take the responsibility and resign so that he could become the next Menteri Besar of Selangor.

The latest story is that KJ do not wish Pak Lah to resign and he made many plans in order for Najib not to be the next Prime Minister. Well, Malaysia has a lot of tale and conspiracy theories and sometimes the conspiracy is true. To be continued.


  1. What about the the theory that the first PM from Pakatan is not going to be Anwar but actually someone who holds a high place in...(get ready for this)..UMNO..HMMMMMMM...this theory could explain the lack of balls Umno seems to be experiencing right now when dealing with Pakatan.

  2. salam,

    theories nowadays are more on rumours than fact..expecially those which come from the PR..

  3. Kadang-kadang segala khabar angin adalah betul belaka, seperti pepatah "pokok tak bergoyang kalau tidak ada angin"

  4. Kekekekekeke......Anwar Ibrahim mimpilah nak jadi perdana Menteri....jadi Perdana Menteri kat Israel bolehlah

  5. Aku teringat cerita P ramlee pd satu babak, A.R.Tompel kata "Demokrasi terpimpin". Rupanya mantan PM mamak kita pun pinjam perkataan tu. Malaysia negara demokrasi. Adun nak pergi bersidang pun di halang Polis.

  6. "pokok tak bergoyang kalau tidak ada angin"

    kadang2 takde angin pun pokok goyang jugak...kalau ader beruk dua tiga ekor kat atas tu...dok melompat sana sini...pasti goyang babe!!!

  7. KJ memang tengah menggelupur sekarang ni kerana ayah mertua dia akan meletak jawatan. KJ belum tentu akan menang jawatan Ketua Pemuda sebab itu dia nak pastikan Pak Lah terus berkuasa.


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