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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Traitor? Part 1

It was said that the night before the voting for UMNO Youth's election, KJ's boys gave to each delegates tokens that could be exchange for the sum of RM10,000 in cash. That is why he managed to beat the other two contenders and won the UMNO Youth Head by a total of 304 votes. Well, KJ has managed to pull a shock among the UMNO circles and many were disgusted and could not accept the result. A brawl between KJ's supporters and Mukhriz's supporters was stopped by the police the night the result was announced.

Well before the UMNO Youth election, and before Pak Lah became the Prime Minister; many wondered the accelerated path that KJ took to be in the circle of power in our country. There was one event in which it was said that the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan kissed the hand of KJ when the latter came to an event in that particular state. KJ was also speculated being involved in the release of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim from prison and ironically KJ himself gave the passport to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim when the latter was supposedly fly to Germany for a back injury operation.

The infamous story in which KJ got to know his wife, Nori when he purportedly hit Nori's car in London to get to know her better and later they got married. It was said that when Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was in power, KJ tries his luck to win the heart of Nurul Izzah but changed his strategy when Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was sacked from the government and Pak Lah was appointed as the Deputy Premier. And the most intriguing rumours about KJ is that he is actually an agent of CIA and being planted for a bigger agenda in our country. To be continued.


  1. Cerita KJ ni memang interesting. Tapi kena substantiate dengan bukti atau tunjukkan punca atau dari mana maklumat diperolehi.Kalau tidak ia akan hanya tinggal cerita semata-mata.

  2. Memang KJ punyai agenda tertentu. Mana dia dapat duit sebanyak itu jika tidak ada yang mensponsor dia.

  3. 1. Nampaknya kita : A) belum berubah, B) masih belum berubah, c) Tidak mau berubah D) Takut Berubah, E) Gagal menerima kenyataan. Jawapan:....

  4. Salam,

    Kalau KJ bagi RM10,000-00 semua perwakilan, sudah tentu dia akan menang besar. Tapi kenapa dia hanya dapat 30+% sahaja?

    Cukup-cukup lah tu! Bawalah mengucap.

  5. agaknya orang UMNO ni lembab kot. Ini bukan pasal KJ punya gliterring character. Ini pasal LEMBAGA DISPLIN UMNO SAH KAN dia PERASUAH.

    1. mengapa perwakilan pemuda BODOH dan undi dia lagi.
    2. mengapa hukuman dalam KATEGORI sama denga Isa dan Ali last term tapi di LEPASKAN.

    roshatika dan ustaz said. anda sokong perasuah?

    syed mahmod

  6. KJ bagi sepuluh ribu pada 303 perwakilan lah mangkuk..kita memang dah tahu kan KJ kena warning pasal politik wang

  7. KJ patut disingkirkan dari UMNO. Selesai segala masalah.

  8. Jika KJ menjadi Perdana Menteri ketika berumur 40 tahun, maka negara akan tergadai..hahahahahaha

  9. KJ ja ka main duit...yg 2 lagi bersih ka? Berani berubah cuma retorik? Berubah diterima utk geng sendiri tp tidak jika dpt kat org lain...???????

  10. Nampaknya Ustaz Said ni sedang marah..jangan emosional Ustaz

  11. roshatika tu 'setiakawan' kj.

    tak kemana orang macam ni.

    lagi rosaklah umno

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