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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dump The Dollar

Much of the real urgency of the Anglo-American attack on Iran comes not from nonexistent nuclear devices, but from the planned March 20 opening of the Iran oil bourse, the first international exchange since 1945 where buyers and sellers of oil can conduct their oil transactions using a currency other than the US dollar in this case, the euro.

The Iran oil bourse threatens the number one pillar of US-UK world domination the global hegemony of the dollar, as anchored in the dollar’s central role in oil and other raw materials transactions.

With the Iranian oil bourse, as much as $1 trillion of central bank reserves may flee the US greenback into the euro, the ruble, the yen and other currencies. The concomitant exodus of hot money from Wall Street would then puncture the US stock bubble, the US housing bubble, and the US bubble economy generally, leading to a collapse of the dollar in international exchange and the dumping of hundreds of billions of dollars in US treasury bonds now in the hands of the Chinese and Japanese.

The transition from today’s outmoded and obsolete dollar-based system to a dollar-euro-yen system of fixed parities, gold settlement, and high-technology exports to the developing sector could be easily handled by peaceful negotiations, but this is exactly what the neocons are determined to prevent. Ironically, the neocon obsession for general war to preserve dollar dominance, by almost guaranteeing the closure of the straits of Hormuz, will lead to an even more catastrophic dollar collapse and world depression than the peaceful Iranian oil bourse ever could.

The neocons, in other words, are playing a losing hand. Only fools would join them.

From Count Thurn’s 1618 defenestration of Prague to Bismarck’s Ems telegram in 1870, big wars have often grown out of staged provocations. For years Che Det, an astute Muslim observer who knows how the Atlanticists operate, has been telling us and rest of the world that the greatest vulnerability of the oppressors is located in the weakness of the US dollar. Che Det’s argument has long been that it is time to stop complaining and dump the dollar.

The fall of the dollar will entail the fall of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and of World Bank, the greatest engines of global oppression. Those who burn the embassies of European countries or attack their citizens risk becoming dupes serving as recruiting sergeants for the NATO armies and air forces that are about to strike Iran, currently the leading Muslim state, plus Syria and others.

It is time to break ideological profile, and respond unpredictably on the international monetary front, where the chances for success are the greatest. Our advice: DO NOT FALL FOR PROVOCATIONS.

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