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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bila Kak Pidah sound Kak Ijat...

"If you are a problem to the party and government, please move out!"

"That’s it (for) everyone, whether it’s got to do with cows or anything (else). That’s the most matured way of dealing with your problems," said Rafidah.

"Why are you so hung up about the three-week decision (to take a break)? You’re missing the point!"

"The point is: damn it, decide, don’t leave it (the decision to go) to the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak). Don’t leave the onus on the Prime Minister to decide for you." - Continue reading Malay Mail.


This is the dilemma she is wrestling with. Would resigning as minister be seen as the right thing to do under the circumstances or would it cast aspersions on her claim that she is not in the wrong?

The pressure is building. Shortly before she went on leave, a minister had asked her to her face when she was quitting. When she replied that the Prime Minister had not said anything, the minister told her there was no need to wait till the Prime Minister tells her to go. - Continue reading The Star.

p/s: No comment.


  1. Kak Pidah sudah le tu dok umah diam-diam masa zaman Tun M kau bokan main ampu Tun tapi bila di dah bersara kau le orang yang paling kuat sound dia.

    Kau tu jangan ingat orang tak tau yang kau mengkayakan kroni kau. Tun besan kau tu sampai sekarang hidup mewah tujuh keturunan pun tak habis makan.

    Jangan sampai orang selak cerita dalam kain kau lak.

    Biar le Kak Ijat buat keputusan dia sendiri tak payah kau besarkan mulut kau tu nak jatuhkan semangat orang lain.

    Mulut kau tu memang dari dulu suka menyerang orang jangan sampai Wanita UMNO cilikan mulut kau tu nanti kak Pidah Oi.....

  2. dah le tu, jaga le cucu :))


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