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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knowledge Age

1. Knowledge determines the level of civilization attained by any human community. Knowledge means power and power is one form of success.

2. If the successors have no knowledge, the wealth and power will be eroded and finally lost.

3. Philophers, scholars and thinkers increased the body of knowledge available to the community to make it more capable of surviving in a more complex and sophisticated environment.

4. Islam acquires knowledge so as to be able to build a great civilization within a short space of time. For almost 800 years the civilization that built by Islam community was far superior to the civilization of the Europeans and the others since the 7th century.

5. We know of many great scholars such as Ibnu Sina, Ibnu Rushd, Ibnu Khaldun, Al-Farabi and Muhammad Ibnu Musa Al Khawarizmi. They were ahead of everyone else in the fields they specialized and the ones who built the great Islamic civilizations.

6. Level of knowledge and the sophistication which came with it that gave the Muslim civilization its place in the history of mankind.

7. After The Great Andalusia collapse, European scientists gradually gained respectability when they embraced the sciences and became ever more rich and powerful, while the Muslim civilization went into decline.

8. To explain this decline and to persuade the Muslims to endure their oppression by the Europeans, the Muslim scholars declared that the world is not for the Muslims because heaven will be their abode in the afterlife.

9. The fact that Islam according to the Quran enjoins upon Muslims to seek a good in this world and the afterlife is deliberately ignored.

10. The result is the increasing gap between the Muslim civilization and that of the Europeans. At one stage almost all Muslim territories were occupied and colonized by the Europeans.

11. Muslim and non-Muslims who have regained political independence are still dependent on the knowledge of their former European colonial master. They are not pioneering new knowledge on their own and likely to remain under European hegemony.

12. Many of the non-Europeans such as Asians in particular, have migrated and actually living in ethnic –Europeans countries to the body of new knowledge there.

13. They are not contributing to new knowledge in their own countries is because often their own countries are still hostile to new knowledge or are not equipped with the necessary facilities such as sophisticated scientific laboratories where they can do their research and develop their ideas on new knowledge.

14. Today a large number of switches can be engraved on a chip no bigger than a full stop on an ordinary printed page. Commands can be sent from sensors to the switches in the chip and start a complex process of calculations, recall and recovery of stored information, and even answer questions and solve problems.

15. What this means is that the level of intelligence of everyone can be so heightened that the disparities between them can be reduced.

16. Whereas the Europeans had a head start in the Industrial Age, knowledge science with the accompanying information technology which is available to everyone now and offers the opportunity for everyone in the world to start together.

17. No one needs to be left behind and what we need is the effort to avail ourselves of the information technology and knowledge science which are literally at our fingertips.

18. The new knowledge age is for everyone. A new world civilization can be created and if this is done, we will see greater uniformity in the new world civilizations.

19. However, we have to accept reality that there will be furious competition between various parts of the world, particularly between Muslim and the Western.

20. Those who have always applied science and technology to fashion weapons which will kill efficiently will now have knowledge of science to upgrade or to invent newer weapons which will kill even more efficiently.

21. Their victims too will apply knowledge of science, perhaps crudely in order to get back at their oppressors.

22. The world is not going to be a more peaceful place because of knowledge science but those who ignore this new science will certainly be dominated and oppressed.

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