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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


History is not just for school children to learn in order for their memory of dates and events to be tested. History is for adults, particularly those adults who are entrusted with determining the policies of nations. If only they could continuously study history and seek the lessons that history provides. Then, they would be less prone to repeat the mistakes of the past. Then, the world and the community of nations would be better governed and we would be blessed with a better world.
-from Mahathir Mohamed Quotes Group on Facebook-

p/s: Perhaps, if our politicians and leaders (regardless of their political party) understand the history, people will not be so confused today. And things wouldn't be as messy as it is today. Unfortunately, those 'politikus' are really dumb in creating issues to win the election. It reflects nothing BUT lack of knowledge, maturity, ideas and shallow mindedness in politics. Yet they still claim themselves as leaders.


  1. Yes, they certainly LACK in maturity and what more their knowledge of true history of our beloved country.

    One even just came back from Taiwan, cannot even speak or spell in Bahasa Malaysia properly but because of emotion, the rakyat put him in the Parliment today.

    What a shame........

  2. salam ibu,

    in our constitution there is no such things bahasa malaysia. the term used is bahasa MELAYU. but i agree with u bout d MPs tak layak jadi MP.

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