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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Malaysian Malays

I am interested to write about the Malays of Singapore in comparison to the Malaysian Malays now. By the way, we still have our Sultan in Singapore, but, he had been reduced to just a mere citizen, nothing more. It is sad, isn’t it? No doubt Raffles bought over Singapore (at just a pittance mind you) from the then Sultan and now, looking at the predicament of the real Tuan Tanahs of Singapore, one wonders if the same fate is going to befall to our fellow brothers and sisters in Malaysia. Wake up please, MELAYU!

Isn’t it enough that you lost Singapore? Batu Puteh? Even right now, our brothers and sisters in Patani are fighting to get their homeland back. There is a lot of bloodshed there, do you all want the same thing to happen in your own Tanah Air Tercinta? To those Malays who have not woken up yet, do you want other people from faraway lands to take control of your Tanah Tumpah Darah and having places like Tamil Nadu and Beijing as their ‘kiblat’? Where is your Malay dignity?

For us in Singapore, the day Malaysia falls to other people other than the Malays, then it is going to be the saddest day for us. Melayu Nusantara akan menangis hiba. No Tanah Melayu means No Melayu. Hilang lah Melayu untuk selamanya. The Chinese have China, the Indians have India, what about the Malays? Bukankah Tanah Melayu ini untuk orang Melayu?

Looking at the brouhaha in Perak whereby a DAP politician recited a Quranic verse, I was not surprised at all. This political party, which is also an arm of PAP in Malaysia used this tactic not without purpose. In fact this is an intelligent way of getting votes from gullible Malay brethrens. Ladies and Gentlemen of Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew was no different. He speaks fluent Malay and he can write in Jawi better than the Malays themselves. All his children learnt Jawi. It is just that to get to your ‘enemies’, you must camouflage yourself in order to blind them. As I said earlier, some Malays are gullible, easy to “goreng”, maybe due to their lack of education or too much education, they will follow whatever is being told to them by their unscrupulous politicians (of their choice of course). The stupid Malays follow because they want to please their ‘masters’ whereas the ‘clever’ Malays follow because they want to appear liberal and progressive,
others are just ‘Pak Turuts’ because they are actually fence sitters without any clear direction.

Yes, I am ‘anak asli Singapura’. I have no attachments with the peninsular as my ‘kampong’ was in Singapore proper. My Malay ancestors used to reside at the mouth of the Kallang River, Singapore, then they went inland, finally they settled at a Malay village at the junction of Geylang Serai/Paya Lebar area. We lived there for awhile till the PAP government decided to develop our ‘kampong’. Then, we had to move to a HDB flat in a self-contained Housing Development Board estate. It was an open secret that this was one of the ways to separate the Malays, so as not to let them to be too strong politically if they were to be grouped together.

Also, I understood later on, at other Malay occupied areas, the dwellers were told that if they would like to stay at the same place, they should have the same kind of dwellings/designs as what the government had so as to “uniformise” the whole area. Get my drift everybody? Naturally, the Malay 'kampong' folks were not able to come up with millions of dollars to develop their area. They were not rich. They had no choice but to leave their 'kampongs'. Once the areas had been developed by the government (or sub contracted to private sectors), the prices would definitely be real sky high and that prevented the Malays to come back to their ‘kampongs’, so wasn’t it like ethnic cleansing, but done in a subtle way? I was told that the Israeli government used this kind of tactic to cleanse its Palestinian population in certain areas of Israel/Palestine. Go figure yourselves Malaysians, who do you think the PAP government asked for advice?

Sorry, I have to stop now ....the clock has struck 12 times already.




  1. Sad but true but we cant say much about the DAP now because they are the Darlings of PAS and PKR now.

    And it is an open secret too right NOW in Penang Island that the Malays are quietly officially respectfully shifted to the mainland leaving Penang to you know who.

    It will a sad day indeed and yes we the Malays have only Tanah Melayu. The pride of the Nusantara Malays.

    I have been trying to tell the Malays about the DAP's reciting our holy Qur'an in an election campaign but alas PAS supports their move.

    So for now I rest my case. All I do is Pray the best for My Tanah Melayu.

  2. tuan,
    pandangan & nasihat yang bernas
    mohon utk siarkan artikel di blog saya.


  3. From the beginning singapore dont have any sultan, the sultan you are talking is the johor sultan. His accestor is bendahara, who was appointed after the the event of sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang.After the death of sultan ali, tengku alam should be the sultan of johor, but temenggong Abu Bakar was appointed and approved by the British.UMMNO should be blame for the seperation with Malaysia. The Malay in Singapore have the opportunity to be Malaysian citizen but some of them reject it, because feel more comfortable to live in Singapore. It's UMNO leader agree to share this country with the chinese and Indian. You better read perlembagaan rakyat purpose by PKMM and compare it with Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1948. If our malay leader are smart at that moment, the should accept perlembagaan rakyat so all malaysia will be known as malay, use malay name, speak only one language, During British Occupation, their officer like windsterd, wilkinson and swettemham can speak Maloay Fluently and influence the Malay monach to control Tanah melayu, even in Kelantan and Trenganu , British use the sultan to declare Tok Janggut and Abdul rahman Limbong as penderhaka. snouck houranjie convert to Islam and stay in Mecca for seven 7 to learn how to defeat Acehness but he fail because the Acehness not only read but practice Islam, so if the malay want to survive its not the sultan or our ketuanan melayu but back to Islam. we all should pray may Allah give his hidayah to all non muslim who learn al Quran to be muslim and be the warrior of Islam like khalifah Umar Alkhattab

  4. Apa Pak Lah buat kat Penang? Semua projek bagi kat cina... Harap pagar, pagar makan padi...

    Does our monarch truly represent the rakyat? Why should we uphold them if they are here to finish us up.. we may not realise but its even worse than singapore as a republic.

  5. Melayuangkat spell no word when anonymous 12.39am and Mantra spoke up. Wonder where those so called 4 stooges of Pantet Miang hiding these days. Hello3 knock2 numbskull tom tem bak and sojuk.

  6. Good piece of writing Erniceda...!

  7. First and foremost, salam to paneh.

    Pls go back to deminegara.blogspot.com or to kembarapolitik.blogspot.com for the continuation of this article.


    This is an answer to Anon 12.39. We did have a Sultan during Raffles' time and his descendants are still in Singapore. They used to stay at the Istana Kampong Glam. But, at the moment, they are, as I said just normal Singaporeans. If I am not mistaken, they still have the title Tengku in front of their names.

    Now, pls don't say that we did not have any Sultan. Yes, according to what I studied, the present Johore Royal Family comes from the lineage of the Bendahara.

    Btw, Malay is part of the culture/language of Nusantara and not a religion. There are "Malays" who are not Muslims like the Indonesian Maluku islanders, the Filipinos etc ....




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