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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Traitor? Part 2

Many pundits are speculating that KJ will not get a cabinet post when Dato' Sri Najib becomes the Premier. Nevertheless, KJ is said to make effort to ensure that at least he gets a Deputy Minister post. Meanwhile, KJ has been rumoured with having an affair with Maya Karin and a Singaporean girlfriend. This girlfriend and KJ were caught red handed in an apartment and Pak Lah came and gave some lecture to KJ and a pat on his cheek.

KJ was also said that he vented his anger at Tun Dr.Mahathir when Tun came to London in 1999 and held a session with Malaysian students there. KJ was said to ask Tun to step down as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It was said that KJ felt Tun was the person responsible for the death of his father (it was speculated that KJ's father committed suicide) as Tun did not renew his father's contract as a diplomat.

It was also mentioned that KJ was actually an agent for CIA, being trained overseas. He was also working closely with the Singapore's government and managed to be placed as the Special Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister in 1999 (Pak Lah). He was speculated to be the mole for the CIA and managed to be within the circle of power in a short period of time. Surprisingly, there are many more tales of KJ and time will tell whether all these speculations are truth or otherwise.

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  1. Binawe kamu Pencak Silat dan Pantet Miang. Sanggup kau membuat cerita yang bukan2 tentang KJ. Aku tahu kau penyokong kuat Mahazalim dan C4. Kalau KJ itu penderhaka, apa pulak si mahakutty mandeliar dan sikitul Hisham. Jika macam ni UMNO hanya kepunyaan bekas2 PM dan anak2 dia saja ka?


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