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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Filem Seksualiti Box Office 2012

Sumber: pistolnakal

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  1. Bro, I think your blog had too side on BN.

    I am not siding any of the parties. But i read through your blog some statement i do agree but some is ridiculous.

    It could say the whole blog is BN is good. They are he HERO and other parties are villians.

    As we citizen or human which can able to think.. we know none politician are good. Even other country the same. It's just how far they can go.

    Very obvious the politician which we voted them as our representative does they really think of the citizen or they just finding xcuse or motto to "kukuhkan thier position or role play?"

    All these years after malaysia independent from british i can see only our ex pm tun mahatir have done a great job. Even other people say he is dictators but he really play well with his role.

    He had made malaysia bcome a country which most of the world will know. No longer people is thinking that malaysia people is staying on top of the tree.

    But, what have others current party leader contributes? I not dare to say them find chances to make money but at least u contributes a bit la.. not simply spending the money for uncessary usage (you should know what they had bought and spend the money in) or awarded the project to the companies which cant perform.

    This making us to suffer not them.. coz they make enough money they can cabut so left who to suffer? KITA LA.. Which they alwiz mention 1malaysia.

    Its really make people piss when you gone through the RING of Millions. If they are so clean and love the citizen why not they suffer a bit buy a thousand dollar ring and the remain money donates to the citizen which needed the money urgently. Examples u can alwiz read the news which family need the money for surgeon and ask for donates.. else create a charity foundations to help people.

    And who contributes on helping the citizen? Dato Michael cheong which alwiz help peoples with needs but he you can see he is not like other politicians which condemn you la.. condem them la.. huha this and that..

    This MAN should be the one we respect but not to his parties.

    Its just an exmaples and people which i knows. I belif there is stil alot of people like him but not those alwiz heha and huha there.

    Hopes no offense here.. cheers and happy new year


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