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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Please Anwar

Quoted from Another Brick in the Wall blog

One foreign correspondent was focusing his story on Anwar’s reaction when the judge dispensed his judgement of Anwar’s sodomy case. He saw Anwar to be completely surprised by the acquittal.

The acquittal was a surprise to the Gerakan Bebaskan Anwar 901 that they may have forgotten of the three bombs set to explode when the crowd is supposed to be in the midst of frenzy protesting to an expected guilty judgement.

Both sides were surprised with the judgment.
Well, even Anwar Ibrahim said that he was acquitted because the government is pressured by the United States. What he has to do with US? Will he be a puppet Prime Minister if the Pakatan Rakyat wins? Anwar will definitely follow whatever Washington wants if PR won. The question is, will PR win? Dato Sri Najib really cares about the rakyat and the latest is the introduction of Sara 1Malaysia after PR1MA, BR1M and many more. Kudos to Dato Sri Najib.

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