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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bukan Noramfaizul seorang saja...

Selain Allahyarham Noramfaizul, 2 lagi rakyat Malaysia pernah terkorban di Mogadishu sebelum ini ialah Koperal Mat Aznan dan Kolonel Rashid Musa. Apa khabar waris mereka berdua agaknya? Al-Fatihah untuk semua prajurit tanahair yang telah terkorban.


Top Malaysian businessman murdered: Prominent Malaysian businessman, Colonel Rashid Musa has been gunned down and killed during a botched kidnap attempt in south Moqdishu. The colonel was a partner in the Somali Telecommunication Service (STS), a joint venture between Malaysians and Somali businessmen. Musa first came to Somalia with the Malaysian military contingent deployed as part of UNOSOM in 1994-95. North Moqdishu warlord Ali Mahdi Mohamed confirmed the incident, sending a message of condolence to the government of Malaysia. Apart from this telecommunications venture, the Somali-Malaysian bank opened in Moqdishu in April last year and there has been talk of Malaysian technicians assisting in the re-opening of the port. Malaysian business interests are often closely linked with members of Hussein Aideed's faction. (IRIN, June 2; AFP, June 2; ION, June 6) - africa.upenn.edu.

Thursday, January 24, 2002
Malaysian factor in ‘Black Hawk Down’

KUALA LUMPUR: In the Hollywood action movie Black Hawk Down, there are only fleeting shots of Asians helping to rescue 75 US soldiers pinned down by militia fire in Mogadishu, Somalia. And that is not good enough for Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Abdul Latif Ahmad. He wants the real story of what happened on Oct 3, 1993 told. He was the commander of the Malaysian contingent which was part of the UN peacekeeping force in the tumultuous African state. - The Star.

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