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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Malaysian Real Religion..

1. "To support Najib who has been accused of stealing billions of Ringgit, and a dumb corrupt UMNO would make me a traitor to my country."

2. That very powerful statement coming from someone who has been prime minister and former leader of UMNO for 22 years and a person who has been championing Malay rights.

3. Is a tight slap on the face that SHOULD wake up the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia to the wrongs that have been propagated by one of their own.

3. But I am NOT hopeful it WILL because Tun did not wear religious attire, nor mix his words with some Arabic phrases. Neither did he go around bearing "gifts".

4. With all the scandals and news, MO1 is still in power. It seems that no one can topple him Except MT UMNO.

5. But sad to say, all of them are in the same boat. They all think they are Muslims but money and ranks is their religion.

6. What else can you say about them, this is the real world of religion.


  1. paneh...as a muslim, we can plan for better but Allah aw plan is the best. Let's not forget that it is not our duty to change them but to change ourselves first, to be reminded not to transgress and to remember that retribution is always swift and painful.

    We can only do so much because only Allah aw know what's the best...keep the patience and steadfast...insyAllah things will change for the better.

    1. Anon 11.40 ..there is also a reason why Allah gave us a brain to think. Unfortunately yours have not been fully used. I suggest you refrain from making comment.

  2. Dear Anon 1140
    Yes Allah knows best whats for us.
    Our duties are to be well informed and vote according to our coviction in the next election ie whether to allow our standard of living to descend and our cost of living increased. These factors are determined by the government thus our choice is clisely related to the policies of the governnent of the day.


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