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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

TDM as a PM

1. The Elders say that the USA, Singapore, Japan, UK and the EU prefer the BN to win the elections. But they do not want the MO1 as PM.

2. They do not want to see the PH win. They are afraid of the unknown. Neither do they want to see Tun Dr Mahathir as PM again. 

3. They do not want Tun Dr Mahathir as PM because they know Tun Dr Mahathir is clever and very experienced. For 22 years Tun Dr Mahathir was able to stand up to the stupidity and the bullying by the US, UK and the West in general. 

4. Until today Africa, the Third World countries and the Islamic countries all look up to Tun Dr Mahathir as a leader and the spokesman for the Third World. If Tun Dr Mahathir becomes PM again, it will really upset the 'master-slave' relationship that has come back into being in the world today. 

5. Plus Dr Mahathir made Malaysia economically strong and independent. 

6. That is why they do not want Dr Mahathir as PM of Malaysia.


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