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Monday, May 7, 2018

To Win Malays Vote

You only need to do a combination of these things to get Malay votes;

1. Use "Islam is being insulted".

2. Use "Malay under threat".

3. Give money, even RM10 will create miracles.

Just hopeless bunch of people, doesn't matter if they had a PhD from Harvard.


  1. Malay vote untuk dap? Pilih ph maka pilih dap, apa guna? Melayu memang bodoh!

  2. But..do you agree now that Islam and Malay are under threat? RM10 maybe too little too much...make no diff..whether if they had Harvard or what not..but the bunch of mentri's now graduated from the dumping site of Harvard..And those are selected by your doyen Tun Mamak...we know that you are one of those graduated from Tun Mamak Uni..kah..kah.


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