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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Polis DiRaja Malaysia

I am disturbed with what is happening in Penang. A few years back, the same scenario happened in Selangor. The DAP led government suggested something like a police force in that particular state. 

Now, this goon is trying to instigate something that on the surface looks like they (DAP) are indeed the good samaritans. Yet, by establishing an NGO to apprehend innocent people on the streets of Penang shows their malicious intention. 

Well, I am not surprised by this move. THE CM was behind bars many years before for accusing the then CM of Melaka as having an "affair" with an under aged girl. Now, after becoming the "Lord Supreme" of Penang, he tries this so called "maverick move" of duplicating the Polis DiRaja Malaysia by endorsing this so called "Alternative Police Force". What a mockery as the so called "police" were those who had criminals records. 

Hey, do they think that this is a cowboy country where the sheriffs have their own laws. Nope, this is Malaysia and we uphold the principles that is laid by our forefathers by being a good citizens and practising the 5 principals of Rukunegara. 

This is my two sen worth of comment. Hidup Tanah Melayu!


  1. Depa ni tak sedaG DIRI dah dapat kewarganegaraan. Tak macam yang lain dok kena peghembat di Vietnam dan Indonesia. tak sedar dek untung.

  2. Bukan tak sedaG diri ,tetapi sentiasa peka bagi kepentingan diri , yang tak sedaG diri dan bodoh sombong tu orang Melayu , masih dibuai mimpi dengan kata ,'takkan Melayu hilang di dunia ' dan negara ini negara Melayu selagi ada bulan dan bintang.

  3. Anon 823 Hidup Tanah Melayu - so semua di Sabah/Swak macam mana? Mati?

  4. Corrupt,Arrogant,Tokong (CAT)...Do not play-play mah..

  5. Malaysia is for Bumiputera Islam and Non-Muslim Bumiputera, and not for those whose great-grand parents hailed or brought in by the British from countries linked to their respective races.


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