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Friday, June 13, 2008

Najib won't challenge Pak Lah

Najib was reported saying that "I will not destroy UMNO". He said this to a question by a participant in the forum organised by Royal Institute of International Relations in London yesterday. Furthermore, he said "I came from a family in which my father (Tun Abdul Razak Husein, the second Prime Minister) helped in forming the party and I am not the son that would destroy the party. I want to continue developing the party".

Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak is not new in politic. He became a Member of Parliament at the age of 23. Later, he became the Youth UMNO Head in 1988 and rose to become the Vice President and now the Deputy President of UMNO. At this juncture, we have yet to see any UMNO divisions openly supporting Najib to become the President of UMNO. Yet, Najib has indicated in London that he won't challenge Pak Lah. Pak Lah's support is deteriorating due to the hike of oil price. All seems to be not well in UMNO of late.

UMNO's branch meetings all over the country starts next month. It will be followed by Divisions' meeting after the Aidil Fitri. We can gauge the sentiments of the grassroots only after all the Divisions have completed the meetings. Pak Lah has to respect the Divisions and the Branches wishes if they felt that he should resign as the Prime Minister and the President of UMNO. The Oppositions are harping that he still stay in the office so that many more issues may crop up.

I am not sure whether Parti Keadilan Rakyat managed to open up more branches and divisions throughout the country. I do believe that a lot of UMNO members are in the position of wait and see, they are watching closely the scenario in the party before they make any attempt whether to stick to the party or just dissappear in the oblivion if no changes are made in UMNO. We will wait and see.



  2. by not challenging pak lah najib is causing further danage to UMNO and he indirectly contributes to the downfall of UMNO...he is destructing UMNO from within by not doing anything and by continuing his ego...

  3. bagi laluan kat muhyidin la!!!!takkan rustam?

  4. camno nak bagi muhyiddin...dolah dah cakap malam tadi yang dia akan bagi kek najib...kono tunggu lai la nampaknya muhyiddin tu...

  5. Saudara Pencak Silat, Its Aleevad...

    We'll see how these 'selfish + arrogant a** **e' opera cina will lead to. Knowing that Negaraku Malaysia is going down the drain, just prepare ourself with Higher Inflation Rate + Higher Cost of Living + Higher Crime Rate = Melayu Boleh balik kampung..

    Read 'The Malay Dilemma by Tun'- All the things this old man said nearly 30yrs ago is really happening now...

    So, let start a new party..ahaks....

  6. Pak Lah dan Najib ni cakap macam UMNO bapak mereka punye!Pak Lah kata dia akan serah kat Najib dan Najib kata dia akan terima bila Pak Lah serahkan.Macamle kerusi presiden mereka hak mereka nak serahkan pada sape mereka suka. Besok suke kat mamak macam Reezal Marican bagi kat Mamak lak.

    Diaorang bercakap kononnya nak kekalkan keharmonian parti.Sebenarnya keharmonian parti bila semua ahli hormatkan perlembagaan.Kalau perlembagaan parti peruntukkan pilihan demokrasi kita kene hormatle.Adeke nak bagi-bagi jawatan lak atas nama keharmonian.

    KU Li kata dia nak bertanding jadi adakah dia tak nak jaga keharmonian parti? Sebenarnya orang macam Ku Li ini sebenarnya orang yang faham dan hormati Perlembagaan parti.Jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden adalah hak semua ahli dan bukan hak warisan nak bagi pada sesiapa yang diorang suka.

    UMNO perlu berubah!


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