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Saturday, June 7, 2008

There goes my money.

I flipped open the newspaper the other day, and read a whole she-bang about...oil prices.

ARGHH. *Screams in anguish!*

I will not even mention about the price hike digits. I'm only a student, owning a Kelisa. As my father used to say, "This car saves oil". Well, I don't know how it's going to be a savvy car with this kind of oil price fluctuation. This means, I will do a whole lot of walking, more than I have done before. It also means, more public transport back and forth around KL.

Public transport? *chuckles*

What is the problem with our Malaysian attitude that instead of walking around on two God-given legs and using the all ready public transport, we use , cars. Don't blame us. It's the Governments lack of attention in detailed city planning.Why isn't our public transport as good as Curitiba, Brazil. Stop blamming the heat, please.

DBKL is currently promoting the KL draf 2008 campaign, pleading people to come and give in their thought to help make KL a better place. I have given my opinion to them. I do not know if they would really take it into consideration or is it just another political drama to woo in people, showing as if they really care. Is this really how our country is? Rich people reaping of the countrymen not so wealthy wealth? It is such a disappointment. I feel like overthrowing the government. I don't think I have to mention any names here to as who is benefiting from all this

I came across a blog of a photographer, with this very interesting quotation;

"Bila berkenaan ngan kebebasan akhbar, kekebasan bersuara, keadilan politik sume bandingkan kita ngan Amerika dan negara maju lain..tapi bila bab minyak taknak plak tiru mereka..nak jugak subsidi cam dunia ketiga!! mereka sume tak pernah ada subsidi even merekapun ada yg keluarkan minyak.."

It makes me think, is this true? Is there really any positivity to this rising oil price. I do not know what my father have to say about this. He remains the same after every oil price hike, year after year. Maybe it's the fact that his bank account does not run out of money. Me on the other hand, trying to be an independent daughter, decided to start my own effort to have an additional income.

Maybe there is hikmah behind all this crazy situation now. People will be more worried, and used the public transport more, thus less cars used around UIAM campus. People in the city will used the public transport more despite the heat, to save money for other things. I do not understand about the July 2008 substitute for oil. I haven't got a clear picture.

What I know is that, we are all in this together, surviving Globalization.

P.S: Tolong lah improve kan public transport and city planning.


  1. Barang tak kasi naik tapi minyak kasi naik. Tindakan akan diambil siapa naikkan harga barang

    Stupid statement. Taktik lama!!!!!!!


    Tindakan akan diambil siapa naikkan harga minyak!!!!

  2. agaknya ader gak hikmah minyak naik...student2 kat kampus2 tak leh berlagak naik keta besar2...simpan duit tu untuk bayar balik PTPTN...paling tidak untuk blaja score bagus2...pelajar Melayu skang ni asyik jadi kumpulan mediocre jer...

  3. Emm maybe there is a hikmah,

    Mat Rempit around my area will also think twice before they race. Or may be the winning price for the race would be changed from a free one night stand with a bohsia to a barrel of fuel.

    I'm sure this will be a priceless prize.You can get a bohsia really cheap nowadays. RM20 and a handphone top up and really not worth dying for. It will be a different story if you can get a barrel of fuel that will last a year.

    Definitely a priceless prize!

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