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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Activate Article 149 and 1959 Special Act

To Lawrence Andrew, the arrogant and stubborn bishop. You are asking for trouble. You are asking for injustice for your own unjustified argument. Allah as a "qalam" is  an exclusive subject for Islam in this country.

Stop tolerating with this plural and liberal movements. Stop negotiating with them, because they are "the gentlemen donkeys" for Freemason movements. They plan to ruin this Malay land. Stop challenging the patient of the Muslim Brothers in Malaysia.

Remember the 13th May 1969 was patronized by people of that same interest. You are baking your cake of fortune in an extremely "hot volcano oven".

Put your socks right, before the bells ring.


  1. Koleng paria mmg dah lamo naik tocang sobab org melayu yg bg muko....

  2. Memang dasar bangso merempat. .. nak dipanggil India itu namo negara.. Hindu.. agama.. panggil Tamil.. itu bahasa ... yg sesuai hanyo KOLING PARIA .. kan.....Melayu dah banyak sangat tolak ansur.. Itu yg dipijak pijak kepalo kito ...

  3. Warikh,
    Masaalahnyo ado orang bangso kito yg sokong mereka....hampeh.


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