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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu

Alhamdulillah, after 10 years of reading many web pages and a couple of years of consuming blogs,I have the opportunity to write something in this blog. Malaysians seem to believe whatever they read but bloggers must have the courage to write the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 446 years of being invaded by foreigners, the Malays managed to be their own master in the Malay heartland. The Malay archipelogo is as far as Fiji and New Zealand in the south and as far as Cambodia in the north. In fact, if we look in the Wikipedia, the Filipinos are basically Malays. Malays have sacrificed their privileged, i.e. the 'jus soli' principle in order for the non Malays to be accepted as Malaysians. Malaysia is the only country in South East Asia which do not practice assimilation but accepting integration. Assimilation like what we have in Indonesia, Philipines and Vietnam is where all the citizens have to speak the only language, that is the native language and not their mother tongue and to practice only one culture. We are lucky in which Malaysians are free to practice their own faith and their own culture. Nevertheles, Malaysians as a whole have to accept the fact that the 'ketuanan Melayu' is to be adhered to as the Malays have sacrifice the 'jus soli' principle so that the rest could live in this prosperous nation.
On another note, I am in the opinion that we must practice what we preach. The Rukunegara's five pillars is something that everybody should adhere to. Indonesians are really proud of their 'Panca Sila' and therefore so should we towards the 'Rukunegara'. The Malays are 54 % of the total population in this country and ironically decreases by the years. Imagine, back in 1955 the Malays are more than two thirds, totaling 80% of the whole population. I am not surprise by the year 2020, the Malays would be marginalised. What happened in Fiji in the early 90s is not something that we look forward to. The non indegenious were not only conquering the economy but the political landscape as well. Luckily enough, Rabuka took over the government and everything went back to normal.The Malays would definitely be the second class citizens in the "Tanah Melayu" in the near future. This is definitely a malaise that should not occur. Last but not least, 'Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia".


  1. Orang melayu hendaklah berusaha menambahkan zuriat mereka selagi mampu terutama orang-orang melayu yang mempunyai pendidikan tinggi agar ilmu2 mengalir kepada generasi2 yang akan datang.

  2. Betul tu abafahim. Buat pencak silat, cepat2 kawin dan tambah zuriat Melayu. kes kes kes!
    By the way...welcome my friend!


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