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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beautiful State

Khir Toyo paints doomsday scenario for Umno(The Malaysian Insider)By the end of the year, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will walk into Parliament as the Prime Minister and Umno will be at its lowest ebb. This is the doomsday scenario painted by former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Khir Toyo if Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi does not step down as party president and Prime Minister now. He believes that until Abdullah hands over power to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, it will be difficult for Umno to regain the support from party members and Malaysians.“Anwar wants to see Pak Lah carry on. This will result in a weaker Umno and less support for the component parties also,” said Khir, who is shaping up to be one of the PM’s most relentless critics in Umno. Writing in his blog, he predicted that during the second session of Parliament, a by-election will be held ─ most likely in Bandar Tun Razak ─ which will give Anwar an avenue to return to power.“Anwar will contest as the Prime Minister in waiting. As is the tradition, Datuk Seri Najib will head the Barisan National election machinery. But with Pak Lah still as the number one leader, the mood among Umno and BN members will be at the lowest point and it will be difficult for BN to win. Anwar’s victory will not only destroy the public’s confidence towards Umno, but also erode support for Pak Lah and Najib. Umno will certainly be destroyed when this happens.
(The original posting by Khir Toyo in Bahasa Malaysia, Senario Semasa Politik Negara)

Well, I do not want to be a soothsayer by concuring nor objecting to what Dato' Seri Khir Toyo said. I do not predict future but at the same time Anwar Ibrahim has suggested things that does not happen. A few weeks ago, Anwar Ibrahim said that 30 MPs from Barisan Nasional would eventually 'jump ship'. I wonder whether Anwar has the gut to say that he would be the Prime Minister in 6 months time. I am 100% sure Anwar Ibrahim would be the most likely candidate to be the Prime Minister of a 'lovable' state. That 'lovable' state would be Israel and Lim Kit Siang would be appointed as the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. Cynically, Datin Seri Wan Azizah would be designated as a home maker because she could no longer hold a high position as her husband is already the Prime Minister of that 'beautiful' country. Not to forget Hadi Awang, he will get the "Tan Sri" ship and will definitely be the Minister of Religious Affair in a country that preaches 'zionism'. Karpal Singh would pleaded to be appointed as the Home Minister even though unfortunately he could even barely 'walk' on his own. On another note, Tian Chua would be appointed as the Minister of Provocation Tactics, a newly designated ministry to replace the Minister of Women, Family and Development Community. Azmin would be the Minister of Finance II and all said and done, his sister Umil forgives his 'sin' of being the loyalist of Anwar Ibrahim (poor Ezam) and Umi would be the second wife of Anwar and carry the title Datin Seri. Well, what a beautiful country it would be indeed if this fantasy becomes a reality. At this point, all gays activities are legalised and they can marry each other without worrying of being penalised, thanks to the YAB Prime Minister. This is the 'lovable' state of Pakatan Rakyat.
On another note, kudos to the government of Selangor for rearing pigs and to the newly appointed Speaker of Dewan Undangan Negeri because he would be the first non Malay to carry the duty as a Speaker. Please do not forget to wear the songkok as songkok is the head gear of the Malays and it is the official attire in the Dewan for the Speaker. Well, PAS and PKR really love the notion that 'ketuanan Melayu' is eradicated gradually by their 'partner' DAP in the newly formed coalition, Pakatan Rakyat or I may say Penipu Rakyat. My cucu cicit would definitely suffer in the end.My two penny worth of opinion. Hidup Melayu!Allahuakbar!


  1. tinggi imaginasi ko nih...bole jadi penulis skrip filem abg yusof haslam. Tp walau macam mano pun den setuju bab apo sajo kerosakan yg bakal berlaku d mesia lopeh ni memang sobab paklah. Pembangkang memang nak dio kokal jawatan sobab cagho tu mereko boleh monang election. Diorg tau rakyat mmg tak suko paklah yg lomah segalo eh dan ia mmg beri kosan kek umno ngan BN. Bab Penipu Rakyat tu den sokong gak tapi nak guno bahaso nogori la...PEMONGAK RAKYAT! Buek paklah yang hanyo dicintai oleh JIN...perjuangan mu dah lamo solosai...beghambuih la!

  2. sekarang ni email gambar mb perak tgh dok makan nasi bungkuih tersebar kan.... email tu cakap "pemimpin zuhud, tak elok membazir makan memahal kek restoren.." bagi den banyak caro lain laie nak menunjukkan zuhud... satu caro eh iolah dengan tak menunjuk-nunjuk... iyo tak?

    kadang-kadang kito tak sodar apo yang dah kito buek...

    duduk kl tp masih jiwo negori..


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