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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Overseas Chinese

I came across this article in the internet. Enjoy reading.

A former king of Thailand once famously referred to the overseas Chinese as the "Jews of Asia". But the overseas Chinese have been far more successful in their domination of many of Asia's economies than the Jews were in Europe. So perhaps the king had it wrong: he should have said that the Jews are the overseas Chinese of Europe. In China, the country practices communist as their system. In Malaya, during the Emergency (1948-1960) the communist led by Chin Peng terrorized the citizens of Malaya.
Communist states have also been criticized with one-party dictatorship, totalitarian control of the economy and society, repression of civil liberties, centralized economic planning resulting in enormous economic failures, including shortages of vital products, sometimes to the extent of famine, militarism, and propaganda to cover up the failures of the government
About 35 million ethnic Chinese live in south-east Asia today. They are most assimilated in Thailand, where, due to a high degree of intermarriage, the precise number of Chinese is impossible to estimate, but elsewhere the degree of intermarriage has occurred only at the edges. The majority of Asia's overseas Chinese emigrated from China comparatively recently - mostly in the 19th century and early 20th century; often their departure from China was as a result of famines or other upheavals. China has 29 provinces, but the vast majority of the overseas Chinese come from just three: Guangdong and Fujian provinces on the South China Sea in the south-east corner of China, and Hainan province, an island off the southern tip of Guangdong. China might have over a billion people, but the overseas Chinese have cultural, family and language ties with relatively few of them. The early migrants were usually dirt poor when they first left the mother country, and over time the cumulative effects of high rates of mortality and the self-selection that migration entails, whereby those most able to succeed are the ones to leave, meant that south-east Asia soon played host to a hardened ethnic minority, well equipped at survival and very successful in business - because the best way to survive was to make money.

I am puzzled why the Opposition wanted to open up the 13th May tragedy. One incident that occured on that fateful day was in the Federal movie in Chow Kit Road. A bunch of Chinese slaugthered a pregnant Malay lady and opened up her belly. The foetus was also brutally slaughered without mercy by these mob. We do not want this to happen again in Malaysia. I am suprised by the comments in this blog by some unpatriotic Malaysians who play to racial tune. I do hope that history will not repeat itself in this lovely country.

P/S- I wonder which province does Lim Kit Siang hails from

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