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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Star Wars Part 2

In the Royal House of Alderaan, a nerf named Nerf Ship tries to make a mockery out of the Supreme Lords.A nerf is a rangy, grumpy herbivore raised for its meat on Alderaan. The antlered beasts are tended to by an almost equally surly and scruffy bunch of herders for their meat. These lower-class agricultural workers were the butt of many jokes and the source of many class-based disparagements on Alderaan, nevertheless Nerf Ship, who is half paralysed; thinks that he is from the upper class, so does his son Nerf Deo. Nerf Ship said that the Supreme Lords are feudelisitic and Lord Jebb rebutted by saying that Nerf Ship should be careful with his words. On another note, Lord Jebb also mentioned that the purchase of X-wing fighther is according to procedures.X-wing were bought from a far far galaxy name Roo-si-aa and is capable to protect Naboo Land from her enemies. Meanwhile, Chew barry showed his mettle by being a first term Senator in the Royal House of Alderaan by asking lots of questions when Queen Amee Ziza, the Head Rebel Senators gave a motion of thank you in the august House. Queen Amee Ziza was found astonished and stuttering when she tried to avoid answering Chew barry's questions. Queen Amee Ziza is the faithful wife of the vicious Darth Maul War, the advisor of the Rebel Trade Federation, who has been released form prison a few years back. To be continued.


  1. Aku tak follow la Star Wars..tak pandai nak komen :)

  2. kumpulan generasi baruMay 7, 2008 at 5:54 PM

    kami rasa isu rasuah yg dibangkitkan ttg pembelian kapal selam ni masih belum terbukti. tuduhan semua orang boleh buat. report la BPR kalo ada bukti kukuh.


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