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Friday, May 2, 2008

Star Wars Part 1

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away........the land was called Naboo Land....Lord Darth Lah is the supreme master of the land...his entrusted deputy Lord Jebb is the most subservient servant to Lord Darth Lah...inevitably Lord Darth Lah is getting weaker by the day, especially after the Moon of 8th March....Lord Darth Lee is the rebel's tribe which imposes the idea to all the Sith that he should be the supreme master of the land and Lord Darth Lah must resign...Lord Darth Lah's son in law, Chew barry is an ambitious creature who has won in one of the land and is waiting to be the next supreme master of the land (or so he thought). First, he has to overcome the hurdle of becoming the numero uno of the Jedi in which Luke Mukh is the favourite among the Jedis to become the number one. In fact, Luke Mukh has said that he is more than happy that he himself, the son of Darth Vathir is contesting the numero uno of the Jedi and welcome Jedi Yo and even Chew barry to contest in a healthy competition. Jedi Yo has just lost a territory named Se - Lan - Jor to the nemesis and Se - Lan - Jor is now the biggest pig rearing in the Naboo Land. To be continued.

p/s: May the force be with you


  1. Saudara Pencak Silat,

    My Proposal: It would sound nicer if we change Darth Lah to Lah The Hut

    I assume in Part 2, you will tell us about the journey of Obi-Jib-Kenobi and Hans Toyo

  2. cant wait for the sequel...

  3. Nice Analogy Pencak Silat,Who gets to be Bobba Fett,the booty opps..sorry the bounty hunter.


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