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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Star Wars Part 3

Darth Maul War is so upset. Up until now, the 30 Senators in the Royal House of Alderaan did not go to the Dark Side and join the Rebel Trade Federation. He called up Bobba Fettmin, his loyal aide who happens to be a Senator from Gum - back. "Yes, my Lord, is there anything that I can do", asked Booba Fettmin. "I am mad, I am mad because no Senators wanted to join us", exclaimed Darth Maul War. "Don't worry my Lord, I am luring Chew barry to join us soon", said Booba Fettmin. "You moron, he is the son in law of Lord Darth Lah, he will never join us", said a raged Darth Maul War. Bobba Fettmin was so bewildered that he sulked and walk away.
Meanwhile, on the other side of Naboo Land, Lord Darth Lee is busy visiting the Sith to gain momentum to topple Lord Darth Lah. Even though he is old, Lord Darth Lee beliefs in the power of the Jedi that he is still capable to be the next supreme master of the land. He is planning a trip to meet the people in the state of Kee - Dah this coming moon of Monday, specifically the area of Farmer's River. He tries to convince Lord Dean that both of them could overthrow Lord Darth Lah and Lord Jebb. Lord Dean has been speculated that he would either go for the number one post or the number two post of the Sith. The Sith has just celebrated its 62 years of glory, being the government of the Naboo Land.
Nerf Ship, on the other hand, is worried that he would be thrown to prison for his outburst in the Royal House of Alderaan. Many Sith has made reports against him and he refused to apologies to the Supreme Lords. Lord Darth Lah has even ordered Lord Nun to made a report on behalf of the Sith.
Lord Nun is startled by the rumours that he, Darth Vathir, among others are implicated in a scandal concerning a creature by the name of K.V. Leen- Gump. To be continued


  1. Brader,

    Right On! Hang memang sah kaki starwars! With all these conflicts, who will lead the rebel alliance?, Who is Obi-Wan?...when?

    Clonetrooper dah kena booked! ha!ha!

  2. Paneh Miang author, what's your problem with the Jewish community? You racist bigot. I bet you don't even know that one of Google's founders is Jewish... and you're using Blogger (which is owned by Google)? Your immense hatred for them is no different from the immense hatred non bumi's have for bumi's like you (not US.. YOU ALONE). Get it? Only difference is that you have no affiliations with the Jewish while the non bumi's are those surrounding you are contributing to the economy (85%) and paying taxes for people like you while you're STILL COMPLAINING and WHINING.

    Oh by the way Star Wars fan, George Lucas is Jewish. Keep up the racist comments and sentiments. Delete this comment too you coward (let's see if you have the guts to approve this comment - at least i'm not racist). I'm saving up your articles bit by bit and am very tempted to lodge a complaint to Google and also to Lucas Films to tear down your racist and bigoted blog.

    By the way, since Google + Lucas Arts / Films = Jewish founders.. when are you going to start bashing them?

    Before i go, let me just get this to your head. It's filth like you who destroy the bad name of the Malay's here in Malaysia stirring up racial sentiments and hatred amongst other races using political propaganda. Then again i have to ask you, what's your political agenda? It's a very simple answer i can tell... racial politics. Someday when these racial politic games hit right back at your face then only will you be able to understand the bitterness.

    You disgrace the names of our race really. You disgust me.

    p/s Read your article about PERASAAN MELAYU. I'll just say they don't owe us any favours nor do we owe them favours. Your thinking is one of those from the 15th century. You might as well close this blog. You really got it all wrong. They talk about us not being to face globalisation, well it's people like you based on this article who's afraid of globalisation and can't compete along the way. Don't drag down your other brothers please. REMEMBER, Google + Lucas Founders are JEWISH!


  3. Malaysia is not a place to invest your money.

    The policies are so loop-sided that you cannot choose the best people to work for you but to employ those malay graduates who are way below "standard".

    In the first place, these malays are not of intellect quality but the foreign and local companies are forced to employ them.

    So, if a foreign company has a choice, they will not invest in a country like that where competition is solely based on skin color, and "know who" not "know how".

    Malaysia now lags behind both China's and India's science and technology sector, and regional rivals Singapore and Thailand now attract more foreign direct investment.

    Why is it so that we lag behind all those countries? Just study who are the planners in the countries education system.

    Here we have third class educationists in the form of Umno malays, most of them are third graders in their school days, planning the education policies. They are actually failures academically and now trying to teach others about education.

    Then look around the schools and universities. Just a cursory glance will tell you that the teaching staffs are not of first class materials. Many are byproducts of unemployed graduates who managed to get teaching as their only choice of vocation.

    Similarly the universities teaching staffs are third rated too. When you have such lousy teachers, would you expect first class materials?

    Whatever Malaysia is advocating, Malaysia is heading to doom! Agriculture, commerce, education, health, politics, social interaction, everything that Malaysia embarks is doomed.

    The information and communication technology that Malaysia implementing is as good as doomed since day one when the corrupted and racist Mahathir laid hand on it.

    Anything that is the genesis of this corrupted and racist Mahathir is doomed, be it Agusta, Daya Bumi, education - English to malay malay to English, EPF, Felcra, Felda, Formula 1, general election, MAS, math and science in English, military defense, MSC, National Service, NEP, North South Highway, Perwaja, polis task force, Proton, Wawasan Schools……….the list is endless. Nothing works in Malaysia.

    Now the religious Badawi is implementing 9MP using Islam with the doctrine advocated by the corrupted and racist Mahathir.

    This is more severe than the doctrine by Mahathir since Badawi adds another critical and negative dimension into the corrupted and racist doctrine, that is, the aberrant Islam!

    This further decreases the efficiency in the utilization of good human engineering practices in a highly competitive global world!

    The only way Malaysia can succeed is to embrace good human engineering practices compassionately, since only good human engineering practices can attain effective, efficient and excellent production in order to compete with other formidable ICT nations.

    This means the practices of meritocracy, no NEP and racial discrimination!

    With a corrupted and racist government practice corrupt and racial discriminatory engineering practices, the effective job activities and efficiency in productions are definitely to be lagging.

    This means high production costs, inefficient manufacturing processes, poor research and development designs, with expensive and inferior products! Example - Proton!

    The government might as well close down Cyberjaya, encourage goat rearing and save cost. At least the loss in capital is not as severe as in ICT ventures and by the year 2020, every people is guaranteed with a roast lamb!

    The biggest joke is, the people themselves are to be blamed for supporting the current and always has been and probably forever will be, the BN.

    That is keep it up and make them more and more arrogant.

    We want to be hub of everything and master of none. That is why we know for sure Vision 2020 will not be achieved. It is easy to set a vision and rely another to achieve it.

    Principally as a small nation with limited human resources, not making optimum use of its human resource by sidelining a major more advanced sector of its population through the NEP, will create many many more "Tak Boleh".

    With people only interested in sitting beside a money machine, where Malaysia will end with, is already a certainty.

    Any cure? No, no way. The entire makeup of the Malaysia society from corruption, greed, politics and third world mentality etc, will doom any effort to rectify it. We can't even talk simple things like "understanding each other" let alone major issues like corruption, etc.

    Even God has got no solution for Malaysia the way it is going.

  4. Many malays don't like to admit it, but once upon a time, they were not Muslims like everyone else!

    Malays were part of the migration of Polynesian peoples whose original home was Yunnan in China to South-East Asia in what is known as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia……….

    At that time the Orang Asli were already well settled in the malay Peninsula, so that makes them the most legitimate of the bumis.

    Malays were animists then for hundreds of years until Indians crossed Bay of Bengal to South-East Asia and spread Indian and Hindu culture to the peoples there.

    Hence we had the great Hindu kingdoms which later also became Buddhist kingdoms of Langkasuka, Srivijaya, Majapahit - but main thing to note is that racially the peoples were malays and speak old malay language.

    Islam only came to South-East Asia from 1400 after foundation of Malacca by Parameswara. Again from India crossed Bay of Bengal and spread Islam to South-East Asia. Malacca sultans were among the first converts and the rest is history.

    Please note that the malays have been Muslims for only 600 years and have been Hindus/Buddhists very much longer - at least 2000 years. Malay culture is very much influenced by Hindu culture including Sanskrit words like the wayang kulit, raja, maharaja, etc.

    Unlike Javanese, who are proud of their Hindu/Buddhist past reflected in great empires like Srivijaya and Majapahit, malays are generally ashamed to dwell on their pre-Islamic Hindu/Buddhist past.

    On the contrary some malays try to be like the Arab wannabes, trying to cleanse the malays of their Hindu/Buddhist past - in this even the songs and films of P Ramlee become victimized!

    If Islam had not come to South-East Asia, malays would still be Hindus/Buddhists like the Balinese which is not a bad idea, as Balinese are considered very peaceful people.

  5. Lim Keng Yaik questioned why after 38 years, malay equity ownership was still 19%.

    In 2004, Morgan Stanley issued a report that estimated there over 100 billion US dollars (360 billion ringgit) had been lost to malay patronage (NEP) in the 20 years preceding 2003 (1984 to 2003).

    One economist estimates that in the 36 years of its existence, the NEP has been used to channel over one trillion ringgit to the malay community through ASB, ASN and all related government policies.

    Since 1970, the government has used the NEP to covet education, employment and every other conceivable benefit to the malays. These measures have largely been successful with all the top posts in GLCs, government, public listed companies, universities and practically every single area that the government has any control over being reserved for one race.

    The chief setbacks of the abuses of NEP are ineffectual bureaucracy, perverted social values, rampant corruption and cronyism, retarded economic growth, thwarted economic competitiveness, unrelenting brain drain, warped educational system and worsening racial polarization. Such anachronistic and regressive policy has no place in the present globalize world, and for that matter, in any civilized society.

    This greed is not going to end. We as a nation of loyal citizens have to put a dent into this rubbish for the sake of our children.

  6. The malays are a truly hypocrite bunch of people. All this bullshit about the 'freedom of religion' as only appears to apply to anyone but not the malays!

    The malays have made Islam such a hated religion with many man-made laws and impositions, all to suit their own convenience, and yet they claim to be 'Islamic' without even practicing the religion as it was intended to be practiced.

    If Malaysia only wants Islam, then get rid of all the other races and live truly as 'Malay'sia, and see the country being destroyed by brainless malays monkeys in a matter of one year!

    Why can't all races live in harmony? Why must anything that is related to Islam be such a huge contentious issue?

    What the hell is the Syariah Court? These so-called Syariah 'lawyers' are a joke to the legal profession. The travesty of justice in Malaysia regarding converts to Islam especially is demeaning and a pathetic joke.

    The Federal Court which is the supreme legal authority in Malaysia is 'impotent' against this useless Syariah Court when it comes to matters dealing with conversion! What absolute rubbish!

    The malays are nothing but over-zealous hypocrites who don't even understand Islam in the proper context, let alone profess to practice it!

    If malays want to progress in the world, you will have to rid the notion of God and your religion. It is your backward religion that is holding you back from every strata.

    Look at Muslim countries. They are absolutely backwards in every aspect, living in the most poverty-ridden corners. But when it comes to religion, and building mosques which is half empty always, they build the best ones. Ignoring the poor people who live in shacks.

    In Malaysia there is a mosque about every 100km and now they are built along the main streets of all towns. Is it to prove that you are so very religious? You think that every one has only sex in their mind all the time! This is a fault that undermines humans.

    Now you have to rid your backward religion and go forward. And you must learn to accept that there is no God but dog.

    Malaysia will never achieve developed status, certainly not with the malays. At least Mahathir built two tall structures that got the attention of the world, as he knew that the intellectual 'capabilities' of the malays were as good as a cow in the paddy field, regardless of any kind of miracle!

    Despite all that the Malaysia government has been doing for the malays for ages, the malays are still way behind in terms of everything. They are lazy and have become so accustomed to handouts that they refuse to work to earn an honest living.

    It is very sad. Why can't all races compete fairly? Remove all the barriers and ensure free competition based on capability and merit, rather than by race. Will that ever happen?

    Everything in Malaysia is a joke when it comes to the malays. They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being incompetent, lazy, useless morons.

    Be like Raja Petra……….a self-made man to be proud of, also a malay that is objective and can distinguish right from wrong.

  7. Discrimination in the private sector is everywhere. Even the Chinese businessman who is just starting gets discriminated against more established ones, unless he has a mentor to back him up.

    As for career interviews, it is best to get a recommendation first. If I am using my own money, it is my right to choose whom I want - even to the extent of discrimination. Why would I want to hire someone that I cannot have lunch with, work with or converse with?

    The BN government on the other hand is discriminating against the non-malays not with the malay money, but with probably the Chinese money as the latter pay the bulk of income tax collected in the country. That we are against.

  8. Chinese getting straight As are not allowed into universities. Not allowed civil service jobs. That is blatant discrimination.

    Why do you support such discrimination?

    Malaysian Chinese have built very successful businesses, hence they have the wealth that they have. This is not greed. They worked for what they now own.

    Why do you envy what does not belong to you? Is this not greed?

    It is quite untrue that business offers are conducted on the basis of race. Starting any business is very very hard work, but the malays did not have a hard working tradition to persevere. This is a cultural change the malays need in order to conduct businesses successfully.

    Armed with this knowledge, do you still insist that Malaysian Chinese are greedy, and therefore it is right for malays to take what does not belong to them?

    Your perception of business in Malaysia has got to be wrong.

    Most goods and services can be conducted in open markets, and there is no particular reason to single out malays so that Chinese businessmen should swindle them. There are lots of swindlers in business so it is not just malays who get swindled.

    Successful businessmen depend on providing real benefits to customers and partners so that it is worthwhile for them to do business again and again to both parties benefit. It is only when customers also get rich that businesses can grow.

    The discrimination against Chinese, Indians and other peoples cannot be tolerated in the modern world. Countries that do this will face long-term decline.

    Hard working people are not greedy as you accuse them. They are hard working because they have a mission in life to prosper, to give offspring a good chance in life to live to the full, to contribute their talents to the betterment of society……….

    This is not greed.

    Whereas, envy of others wealth and taking what they have not worked for is greed.

    I would put is stronger. It is corruption and robbery. You talk like a Mafia extortionist when you said that worse could happen to the Chinese, so be thankful because there are more malays than Chinese, and therefore they can take even more from the Chinese if they want to.

    You have to be joking to believe that your greed and prejudice are the wonderful things about Malaysia. Well, maybe you do.

    Malaysia as describe it is a country based on racism, lack of conscience, and greed (taking from hard working foreigners).

    Meritocracy is denounced. Robbing the wealthy is promoted.

    How can there be a good future for such a country?

    Looking from outside of Malaysia, it is easy to see that the malay-controlled government is enforcing a wealth-robbing programme from the Chinese who earned their wealth through hard work.

    By barring bright well qualified Malaysian Chinese from entering Malaysia universities, Malaysia is pursuing a discriminatory policy based on race.

    This is not tolerated in civilised countries. It is a policy that gives Malaysia a very bad reputation and deprives itself of its most talented.

    It is a policy which tells the malays that robbing from the rich is not greed because being educated, being rich is the same as being greedy.

    This is moral corruption and self contradiction which Malaysia will pay back a very heavy price.

  9. If you turn on BBC, there are fair and equal coverage on the UK opposition parties.

    So is NHK (Japan), so is KBS (Korea), so is CNN (America), so is CBC (Canada), so is ABC (Australia).

    Even in our neighboring Thailand, their TV coverage is fair for both ruling and opposition parties!

    Only in this Umno hijacked country that you find most lop-sided idiotic coverage on Umno and its running dog partners!

  10. To me, Ketuanan Melayu is the false notion of malay greatness or malay supremacy. Truth is - there is nothing to associate the malay race with greatness.

    By any widely accepted standards, it will be obvious to see that the malay race does not qualify to be called one of the great races on this world. Truth is that the Chinese and Indians have a culture accomplished far greater and much more than these jokers have.

    It should be Chinese and Indian supremacy in Malaysia. The only reason why malays have power in Malaysia is because they have the biggest population, and the racist rhetoric of the malay Umno politicians always sway the malay vote towards themselves.

    Anyway, back to the untrue notion of Ketuanan Melayu. Let us see what malays have accomplished. Has any malay won the Nobel Prize - no. Has any malay been nominated for the Nobel Prize - most probably not.

    By contrast, numerous Chinese and Indians have won the Nobel Prize and various other awards. The Chinese and Indian diaspora is widely recognized as two of the three most successful diasporas in history, the other being the Jewish diaspora. All over the world, Chinese and Indians have become successful artists, CEOs, doctors, filmmakers, scientists, writers, etc, etc.

    Name one malay who is widely recognized around the world in his or her field. The only malay whose name might be recognized out of this country is Mahathir, and he is part Indian. Is malay culture recognized as a world renowned culture - no.

    Malay culture, if cultures were ranked, would be close to the bottom. What is their culture compared to the great Chinese and Indian cultures that are centuries old and really rich! The Chinese and Indians have a 5000 years old history during which China and India have played a very important part in world history.

    Nobody knew about malays until the Indian kings of south India first came here. That is why the oldest archeological remains in Malaysia, in Lembah Bujang, are Hindu temples.

    The malay sultanate itself was started by a Hindu - Parameswara. And even at the height of its power, the Malacca sultanate was nothing more than a vassal of the Chinese emperor.

    Have any malay architect designed anything worthwhile - no. Have any malay author won the Booker Prize or the Pulitzer Prize - no. Have any malay filmmaker won an Oscar - no. Have the malays achieved anything in sports - no.

    Chinese and Indians have achieved all this. So there is no real Ketuanan Melayu. It is a fiction concocted by racist stupid politicians to keep the "kampung malays" happy thinking that they have had a glorious past.

    They don't. Their history isn't worth mentioning. You would never find a mention of malays or Malaysia or Tanah Melayu in most books of world history while entire chapters are devoted to the history of China and India.

    The discriminative constitution and law of Malaysia is just a recognition of this fact. The malay leaders and to every single malay knows that on a level playing field, the malays will never be able to compete with the Chinese and Indians.

  11. I for another have given up on Malaysia as well. Born and raised but discriminated against in my own native soil. I now pledge loyalty to Australia where I am treated fair and equal.

    I had not forgotten my grassroots but what is the point remembering it! All that I ask is equal rights and opportunities being a citizen but as a racist government, it is therefore impossible. Oh well……….Malaysia's loss is Australia's gain.

    It is still pretty interesting to frequent the current affairs going on in Malaysia. It is as though one is reading the collapse of the Roman Empire.

  12. No surprising with such emotion running high: More to emigrate. This is brain drain. Bolehland has no vision for its all people except for the Umno malays.

    Who not afraid of the keris waving politician? Even my malay classmate emigrated to New Zealand recently, sick of the polemics and the politicising of religion here, good thing got money shall travel, no money no talk.

    Should have left 10 years ago when I saw that we have no equal opportunities. But I hesitated and said there will be a change when Badawi takes over. Well! Guess that was not the case. It got worse and the future of Malaysia is bleak!

    Pack my back and left the place to look for better opportunities and fight on merits. I am better off in Australia than the "dark hole" of Malaysia. At least you get respected for your recognition and skill. In Malaysia, how good you are is always a second class citizen. No promotion for us but their own kind.

    NEP to malays is like drug to drug addicts. Once they started to taste it, they will never let go till they die. Tough they all know very well NEP is just like drug, not good for them in the long run, but they can't resist the short term temptation and fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of NEP.

    Since now, the NEP had become Never Ending Policy, the little hope of getting out of the NEP drug will dismiss and leading to the destruction of the malays. By then maybe all the able non-malays had already emigrated to greener pasture in overseas. I forecast 2020 year is the doom day. Thanks to selfish Umno malays.

    We are at our own liberty not to live in this controversial country. The government does not discourage us to leave this country. For Chinese and Indians, Malaysia perhaps is not a good place to stay because your mother countries too with China and India are now thriving. Just leave malays to manage their own country. Let Malaysia ruin with the malays.

    The Chinese culture is compatible to other cultures in the world. The Chinese will have no problem adapt to other cultures in the world. There are many China Towns in overseas countries. So the Malaysian Chinese will feel at home wherever they go.

    Real sick and tired of all these Umno babiputras, the sob in Malaysia Umno babiputras!

    Yes, the only realistic proposition is encourage all Chinese to emigrate to Singapore and leave Malaysia for the malays. Trouble is Singapore is so small, its land mass will not allow a huge population to live in the island.

    So next choice for the Chinese to emigrate is to Australia and New Zealand. The exodus has begun. Those who can afford now have started to go. The signs are already there.

    There is no future in this country anymore. In a few years time this country will be in ruins when the oil money runs dry. FDI has already dry up and gone to other countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Foreign factories have closed shop migrated to China and India.

    Chinese planning to emigrate should also consider option to return to China. Some of my friends went to invest there and within a few years become millionaires. There are much more opportunities and being Chinese there shouldn't be any problem.

    By my own experience I can tell you that it is great being a new citizen in Singapore. You are judged by what you can contribute and not by some NEP policies.

    The education in Singapore is also about the best in the world. Yes, even the educators from the native English-speaking countries adopt how mathematics and science are taught here.

    Best of all, every time you cross the causeway to visit Malaysia you are rewarded by at least 2 or 3 times in your spending capability.

    Oops……….now that this is happening, in the next 5 - 10 years, Malaysia will end up looking like the Philippines, where their main export is maids. Lack of income from tax, will see economy melt down. Skilled professionals all fled from the country.

    Yes and having lived overseas, I have a nice bird's eye view of how Malaysia is heading towards the sewers.

    Malaysia has spent the last 3 decades focusing on physical infrastructure without developing the human capital. Never mind the restrictions and stifling of independent minds - let us not even go there yet.

    Let us start with basic education and providing of higher education opportunities for the best and brightest. We have cultivated at least 2 generations of dumbass.

    Too many unqualified malays have been force fed into colleges and universities and the end result is you have the same bunch of witless village idiots, except now they are holding a piece of paper they don't know what to do with. A minority is absorbed back into the tertiary education system……….no prizes for guessing what that has caused over the last 30 years.

    For the majority remaining, real world corporations wouldn't even hire them if they offered to work for free. So you have a bunch of jobless numbskulls who think they are too good for the common labor jobs, which they would have ended up in anyways given their aptitude and qualification, and desire a pen-pushing corporate position (if they could push that pen to string one coherent sentence in English, that would be another thing).

    So we bring in all sorts of foreign labors to do our work for us, and we have a youth bulge of unemployable (and grossly unqualified) graduates walking around with a sense of entitlement.

    Sounds familiar? It should. This is what is happening in the Middle East.

    This trend towards greater Islamic extremism is also no coincidence. It is merely the natural path of development that a failed society embarks upon.

    The malays have failed. Plain and simple. Their policies stink, they have screwed themselves more than they have others, in fact. The only reason the shit hasn't hit the fan sooner is because, like their desert co-religionists, they have petroleum propping them up.

    That will go soon……….not totally, but it won't be at the present rate it props the country up. And it is closer than you think.

    Those who can should emigrate and get the hell out - and that includes our malay brothers and sisters who have the means to. When the dust settles, no amount of cyber cities, longest bridges and tallest buildings, are going to save you from the disaster of a fourth world country that is being developed.

    I am one of the cows applying for migration. How do I feel? I feel that the world is my home. If I am not treated well here, I will go to another country.

    It is not about fighting for the country or fighting for the world. I am fighting for a better life and that is what everyone craves for.

    Anyway why limit ourselves to one country when we can explore to other places. We only leave once, make the best out of it.

    Well, the most popular countries to emigrate are Australia, New Zealand and USA. For those who wanted to emigrate to any of these countries and not prepare to pay the extra migration agent fees should consider apply themselves, it is not difficult as long as you meet the respective country criteria.

    I know because I am a migrant myself and I helped my friends to emigrate to all those countries in the past 3 years.

  13. I think these idiotic Umno ministers have a competition going on as to who is the biggest idiot, that is why everyday one of them comes out with an idiotic statement.

  14. If the mindsets of the malay bloggers here actually reflect the general people then I am afraid there is no hope. Simply hopeless. Nothing much is going to change to the good.

    In fact it will be towards the extreme. What can you expect? We are simply good in blaming others for our problems. In fact we are world class in doing that. With a mindset like that, by year 2020 we should be toward Zimbabwe or probably worst.

    Thank you 'Tun Mamak' for all this. Because of your need to be more melayu and to remain prime minister, your 22 years of ruling had made the people to have such attitude and mentality.

    Sorry folks, I am one of those who don't believe Vision 2020 can be achieved, and not be a long shot.

    Umno first consideration is not achieving Vision 2020 as what they are trying to tell us, but their paramount and top priority is to ensure that their ketuanan and NEP policies are intact in whatever goals they conceive.

    This is where the stumbling block lies. Never mind if third grade graduates become lecturers or professors, so long their ketuanan and special rights policies are adhered to.

    Even in business or industries enterprise, the business people have to satisfy Umno demands that these corporations/industries satisfy the NEP and special rights rules first.

    So, is it that difficult to understand Vision 2020 has never been a top priority, but the ketuanan policies are, and these override all else, even if it means that Vision 2020 is not achieved.

    'First class mentality' for Malaysians? When most of them are spoon-fed by the government and they behave like the baboons in the UPM cafeteria? Not in my lifetime! And I am still relatively young!

    First class mentality starts in school. What chance does the young have when they are exposed to under qualified teachers? And a failed education system?

    Whilst in Japan, I witness a scene where a homeless man, in filthy clothes and hair, rummaged through a few rubbish bins, spilling their contents onto the ground. When he finally found what he wanted, he actually put the rubbish back into the bins! I was shocked!

    Back here in Malaysia, the educated and privileged don't even bother to look for bins to throw their rubbish in! What kind of mentality is this, compared to the homeless man? It is a sad, sad world we live in, man……….

    The NEP will be a huge stumbling block towards Vision 2020. When leaders of business and industry are not chosen on the basis of meritocracy but purely on the basis of being a malay, how la?

    And it is only getting worse and worse as it has become a 'right'. Can't see it changing anytime in the next 12 years.

    Malaysia leaders always lamented that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class mentality'.

    What they should actually say is that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class leader' - that is more like it.

    They can't even ensure that computer lab for schools do not collapse after few months completed. Need more examples? What are they able to do then? Don't try to get the answer from this third class people.

    All I can say is thank God or Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore to Chinese rule! He was right otherwise Singapore will be in deep shit like us now!

    As much as we don't like Singapore that much - we must agree that the Chinese did a damn good job in running their tiny island!

    The mega dictator started many mega projects and most of these projects became mega failures. We are left with mega problems to solve.

    Man, may I ask - is dividing Malaysians into bumi and non-bumi not racist in itself? So it likes the pot calling the kettle black! Well whether you like it or not, we are living in a racist society now! Especially in Malaysia!

    And plus, in case you are still in the dark - in Malaysia we practise racial politics! MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians and Umno for the malays! So what is wrong if we are racist in our opinions? Isn't everyone racist to same extend? Some more and some less!

  15. Thank you the trooper..Star Wars Part 4 akan lebih menarik..as for the rest, you guys should be grateful that you are Malaysians. Period.


  17. Respect la bro... creative dan imaginative buat citer star wars..

    But the Malaysian politics is no Star Wars... it is the real thing and at the moment there is too much struggle, a struggle that I have not seen before...

    At the end of the day, it is the pople who will be affected.. and it will be the people who either win or loose.. The leaders have so much money and can do many things with the money, but the poor people will remain poor....

  18. PENCAK SILAT ... grateful to be Malaysians because .. ?

    As a Malay, i should be grateful to be Malaysian because?

    As a Chinese, i should be grateful to be Malaysian because?

    As a Indian, i should be grateful to be Malaysian because?

    Need an answer since you said it so proudly...

  19. Dear Ano,
    We are much more better than those in other Third world countries...if you are in China, you are in a system where everyone is in poverty, therefore lots of Chinese ride bicycle to work, if you are in India, your job depends on your caste..many have died of starvation,in Malaysia, everyone has the opportunity to be wealthy, depending whether you are industrious or not..shall I say more...

  20. Pencat Silat, so you're saying we should compare ourselves against other third world countries who are worst off than us instead of those who are better than us to be a progressive nation by 2020? Which is which.. make up your mind please? Or you're anti 2020?

    Thanks for the reply.

  21. Dear Ano,
    I never said that I am anti 2020..in fact, I am looking forward to it, by that year I will be 48 years old...I am comparing Malaysia with the other Third World countries because we are a third world country yet we are the most advanced..KL is such a metropolitan city in which I may say is much more modern compare to London in some aspects..therefore, as Malaysians please look forward and do not have any squabble between us in order for us to be the best in the world..need I say more...

  22. Dear ano,

    Your question was y should Malaysian be grateful...

    Mudahnya kenapa kita perlu bersyukur berada di Malaysia...Ingin saya berkongsi pesanan ibubapa saya..Untuk kita menjadi orang yang sentiasa bersyukur dgn kebaikan yang ada sekarang, kita perlu bandingkan dgn orang yang jauh lebih kekurangan berbanding kita...Secara logiknya pun, kalau anda terus-terusan melihat orang lain yang berkelebihan, pasti anda akan sentiasa tidak bersyukur kerana anda tidak puashati dgn apa yg anda ada...

    Tetapi, jika anda ingin terus maju, pesanan mereka lagi, bandingkan lah diri dengan orang yang jauh lebih berjaya supaya kita belajar kenapa mereka lebih berjaya daripada kita...

    persoalan saya kepada ANO, apa alasan anda untuk tidak bersyukur menjadi warganegara Malaysia?

  23. Ceramah Khas Untuk Masyarakat
    ( Pemutar-belitan dalam Orde Baru Dunia )

    Tarikh & Masa : Selasa, 1/7/2008, 8.00 malam

    Tempat : Auditorium Bangunan MPSJ, USJ5

    Penceramah : Sheikh Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick
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    Hj.Headir 012-221 3477 / Dr Haji Syed Haleem 013- 2044 818

    Some of our confusion in the current political "turbulence" may ease a bit thereafter.

    Another website you should read (see a bigger picture) is:

  24. To Whom It May Concern:

    The thrust of the Buddha Dhamma is not directed to the creation of new political institutions and establishing political arrangements. Basically, it seeks to approach the problems of society by reforming the individuals constituting that society and by suggesting some general principles through which the society can be guided towards greater humanism, improved welfare of its members, and more equitable sharing of resources.

    On the other hand, may be Datuk Yip Kum Fook father of Buddha because he can played dirty politics inside Buddhist Temple (SANMAK SAMBODHI) at No: 19-21 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If Buddha alive, Buddha will shout of his father because of is very low knowledge. WHY people at that Buddhist Temples are very stupid to selected leader crooks human.

    However, this does not mean that Buddhists cannot or should not get involved in the political process, which is a social reality. The lives of the members of a society are shaped by laws and regulations, economic arrangements allowed within a country, institutional arrangements, which are influenced by the political arrangements of that society. Nevertheless, if a Buddhist wishes to be involved in politics, he (Datuk Yip Kum Fook,mca gombak) should not misuse religion to gain political powers, nor is it advisable for those who have renounced the worldly life to lead a pure, religious life to be actively involved in politics.

    Brickfields, KL.

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