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Sunday, December 7, 2008

From World Book of Records 2009

World Richest Countries - Gross Domestic Product Percapita in US Dollars.

1. Luxembourg USD80,800

2. Norway USD55,600

3. United Arab Emirates USD49,100

4. United State of America USD46,000

5. Iceland USD39,400

World Poorest Countries - Gross Domestic Product Percapita in US Dollars.

1. Somalia USD600

2. Ethiopia USD 700

3. Malawi USD 700

4. Burundi USD 800

5. Timor-Leste USD 800

Calculated by dividing the annual worth of all the goods and services produced in a country by the country's population. And you’ll be surprise to see how many the Poorest Islamic Countries in that list.


  1. Assalamualaikum Paneh,

    I am not surprised at all that most of the poorest countries in the world are those of Muslim Countries.

    BUT, what keep me wonder until today is what are those very super rich nations of the Arabs going to do, the role they should play in order to help those very poor Muslims Countries especially in Africa??

    Nothing, instead the 'invest' in Europe, bought expensives excessive palaces (not that they already own so many houses every where in Europe and the US) , cars and even horses (This is more disgusting, they love their horses more than they love their so called Muslim brothers and sisters.

    (They rather make the European richer and trust the Americans than help those poor starving Muslims in Africa.)

    May be the World Fatwa Body in Jeddah should start making the new Fatwa regarding Zakat. These Zakat be used to help eridicate the extreme poverty in the poor Muslims countries far away from the country of the origin where the income is earn and declare it Haram to overspend excessively so unnecessarily like what the super rich Arabs are doing now.

    Fancy checking in a hotel under the water? Try Dubai.

  2. the arabs are racist. they won't help other races eventhough profess the same faith.

    pathetic UAE ! many rich country like Qatar also close their both eyes, not looking at the poor countries.

    try to guess, who help those poor countries? most are non-profit organization, which is mostly from non-islamic country.....

  3. kumpulan generasi baruDecember 7, 2008 at 7:09 PM

    Sedih memikirkan Arab yang kaya raya tapi tidak berhasrat untuk membantu saudara seIslam di negara lain. Selain kemaruk kuda, mereka juga lebih suka beli team bola di UK dari membantu menghapus kemiskinan negara Islam. Dah la kalo menginap di hotel negara kita ni keluarga Pak Arab suka buat kotor. Cuba tanya pekerja housekeeping hotel. Mesti mereka iyakan.


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