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Thursday, January 28, 2010

B.A.B.I. again

Quoted from "The Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit" Guy Rambles

It is quite obvious that Former-abuse-of-power Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is getting jittery about the coming sodomy case with Saiful as shown by his numerous attempts to postpone and delay the proceedings.

What causes Anwar’s jitters can be easily deduced but the more important thing is to not to take for granted what he is capable of doing to derail the case and distract the public from giving attention to the real issue which is whther he sodomised Saiful or not.

There have been reports that Onetime-acused-for-sodomy Anwar is working hard to ensure that the foreign support for him does not dwindle this time around. It seems that he had met some 30 foreign diplomats in a hotel in Ampang on 19 January 2010.

This week, it is learnt that he is organising a meeting with the foreign media.

All these debriefing by Anwar is basically to preempt the court proceedings. Whether the foreign diplomats and press corp are gullible enough to be charmed by Anwar into believing his tale is anybody’s guess.

He has also not spared his closeness to Yusuf Qardawi and the latter is being used to spread word to the international Islamic circle that he is yet again being victimised. This is to ensure that him being a “victim of a political conspiracy” is being planted in their minds before the case begins.

Anwar must be hoping for another Rahim Noor to be around so that he can verbally abuse him into retaliating. Anwar knows another “black eye” will do wonders for him as in 1998 so much so that people ignored the court proceedings and accepted that he was victimised.

At the rate things are going for him and the manner PKR is disintegrating, Anwar “needs” another black eye when he goes to court of 2 February 2010.

The question is can he get a black eye. Of course he can self-inflict but what he needs more is a dramatic turn of event in which he obtains the “injury” in a public place.

If it happens, he will without doubt parade the “injury” when h goes to court for the world to see.

If that happens, no matter how solid the case is against Anwar, public opinion will swing towards him. But to sustain the injury in public and inflicted by a security personnel is not easy to come by unless it is planned.

The easiest way would be by holding a public rally or demonstration and then ensure that the tension escalates into a possible riot and when the authorities attempt to control it, anything can happen in the midst of the chaos.

There is a PR gathering planned for 29 January 2010 in Lembah Pantai, the constituency held by his daughter Nurrul Izzah.

Can the gathering turn unruly? And can Anwar get his “black eye” there. Let’s hope the authorities are alert about this and not repeat their mistake of 1998.

The whole country wants to see a healthy Anwar appearing in court without a black eye or any other injuries. The nation wants to see an Anwar brimming with confidence. The Neo Con Jewish foreign media has already started their ’shelling’, as expected.

Yet another drama by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. I got the chance to see him talk last two weeks at a function in Bukit Beruntung. He made an accusation that UMNO is the party that created the Allah issue by fixing a so called daring judge and deliberately made the decision so that Pas would fall in the trap. The trap is that Pas would eventually protest against this issue and would not abide by the other parties in Pakatan Rakyat's stand, especially DAP. Therefore, according to B.A.B.I., Pas would leave the Pakatan Rakyat. How shallow he is. Look at his party member, Zulkifli Nordin who is contemplating leaving PKR. I do believe there will be exodus of party members out of PKR eventually. We will wait and see.

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