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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Malaise of the Malays

It is very sad to see Malays blocking and booing the Raja Muda of Perak when his car was about to enter Istana Iskandariah as shown on tv yesterday. Indeed, the protesters have forgotten that the Rulers are the protector of the Malays. Raja Nazrin had in his speech several weeks ago raised about how the Rulers objected the Briggs Plan in 1952 of giving lands to the Chinese as a way of controlling the insurgencies of the communist. What Raja Nazrin emphasized is that the Malays were robbed of their land and it is happening again during Dato' Seri Mohd Nizar tenure as the MB. He endorsed the plan to give ownership of these land for the period of 999 years. Funnily enough, no Pakatan Rakyat supporters object to this especially the Malay supporters. It is something like the Malay proverb 'menang sorak, kampung tergadai'. What happened yesterday indicated how shallow some Malays are in venting their anger. What is there to protest about as BN did not lure the ADUN to their fold as they themselves chose to quit.


  1. apa lak nak sodeh,,,, yang meRAJA kan mereka ada lah rakyat,,,soo what soooooo good about Sultan and Raja,,,???

  2. Salam PM @ Paneh Miang,
    Pak Oncu, saya rasa yang di sedihkan oleh PM bukan tentang Sultan itu sendiri tetapi sedih akan sikap bangsa melayu kita yang kini sudah hilang identiti dan hilang pertimbangan serta akal budi.

  3. The protesters are kings of the street.Never majestic in nature just barbaric in stature.It seems that some Malays get angry very easily,while their other partners chose a more civilized way to express their disatisfaction.Easily provoked,rationality escapes these misguided malays.


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