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Monday, April 5, 2010

7 Deeds & 7 Sins

Dato' Sri Najib has surpassed one year as the Prime Minister of Malaysia with flying colours. The 7 deeds he did are as below

1. The first time in the country's history that a prime minister's son is holding the same position.
2. His administration introduces the slogan "People First, Performance Now".
3. He introduced the concept of 1Malaysia.
4.He introduces stimulus package and New Economic Model.
5.He went down to the ground and do the "walkabouts".
6.He introduces the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) which outlined the outputs and targeted outcomes of the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs).
7. The first prime minister to embrace the new media with a blog, Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, C.I.F.U.T. Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim made 7 sins. The 7 sins are as below

1. The first time an ex Deputy Prime Minister being charged in court with sodomy.
2. He lies to his men and many quit PKR.
3. He tries to fabricate Najib with the Mongolian woman and finally Zulkifli Nordin admitted being induced with monetary reward to make a false declaration.
4. He accused Najib of copying One Israel concept.
5. He accused Najib of copying his idea for the New Economic Model.
6. The first ex Deputy Prime Minister who bought Levis underwear for his aide.
7. The first ex Deputy Prime Minister who does not want to make an oath (swearing in the name of Allah) for his sodomy allegation.

Well, readers, enjoy comparing the two figures above!


  1. Altantuya's case not fabrication. Najib knows.

  2. najib knows it is fabricated.

  3. too perfect to be coincedent, perimekar own by his close aid, 2 officer his PR. Think but not 2 deep inside asshole. Even if u involved in an accident the court will read the doc report so that an insurance co. able 2 pay.

  4. What an accomplishment by our PM, berita Straits Times hari ini " Govt may bet on sport betting "

  5. dalam setahun ni lebih politiking, sloganeering, rebranding. cakap senang bila2 masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

  6. Apa yang Anwar Ibrahim dah buat? Di negeri Selangor, walupun pembangkang memerintah, setiap kali ceramah samaada Azmin ke, Nik Nazmi ke..tak pernah cakap pasal apa pembangunan di Selangor..asyik kutuk kerajaan BN saje, padahal PR dah perintah negeri Selangor.

  7. Kakakakaka..lepas ni CIFUT BABI takleh buat apa pasal dah masuk Sungai Buloh..kakakakaka

  8. Najib is a good actor bro. Heis hollow.

  9. Blog bodoh ditulis oleh sibodoh kaki ampu tp xsemua pembaca bodoh..di mana ada ramai pengguna internet disitu BN kalah. kalau tulisan ni untuk masyarakat felda @ org pedalaman sabah srwak boleh diterima..Utusan & TV3 dah bgtau. Kalau di blog silap la ye sedara.. oh ya nnt ada anak2 g print tulisan sedara bwk jumpa tok najib minta biasiswa..katakan pada dia 'i already help u, u help me'..


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