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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Social Contract

I am a bit piss off (excuse my language) with what Dato' Liow Tiong Lai said. He suggested that the 30% equity ownership of Bumiputra in public listed company be removed and it should be given to all Malaysians regardless of them being Malays, Chinese or Indians. Mr Liow, you have to adhere to the Federal Constitution, especially the 153 article. I do not want to elaborate on that. What I want to stress here is that the social contract that were compromised between the Malays and the non Malays (Chinese and Indians). The Malays were willing to allow the non Malays to be awarded with the citizenship while the non Malays agreed that the Malays should be given the special quotas; in scholarship,etc). A coin has two side, in this respect if Mr. Liow (I don't want to address him as Dato' as that is given by the Sultan) feels that the special rights should be removed, what about the rights of citizenship as Malaysians. Should all the non bumiputra in this country be removed as citizens. The Malays have give in to that right so you Mr. Liow have to be grateful of your right!


  1. Orang macam ini bukan apa ,nak jadi jaguh buta undang undang dan sejarah.Dduduk dalam kabinet dengan restu YAB yang di gelar bapa terbukaan (yaani terbuka untuk orang bukan Melayu minta macam macam dan semenjak 2004 macam macam lah bolih minta).
    ini lah orang kate sifat terbukaan yang cuba ambil kesempatan perangai baik orang melayu.
    arjuna waspada.

  2. Hi

    I would put the question squarely on Mr Liow Tiong Lai to answer. If what he suggested is carried out, how then does he suggest the redistribution of wealth be made.

    Need he be reminded that the 60% bumi owns less then 18% of the wealth.

    They know about the social contracts and article 153. We dont have to remind him.

    If he cant answer the question, dont then talk about mindset, megatrend or what ever else, just shut the "f' up.

    My suggestion to bloggers, lets not talk about social contract or the constitution, everytime they bring up the issue, lets ask these liberal minded social politician (oppossion included) JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!


  3. Setujulah.India dan Cina patut bersyukur duduk kat Malaysia ni.Kalau kat negeri mereka sendiri belum tetntu mereka jadi kaya-raya macam kat sini. Sedarlah diri sikit.


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