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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peaceful in Ipoh

A blogger has been arrested under the Sedition Act because he posted a notice in his blog urging people to come to Ipoh tomorrow. Please do not be a moron and disturb what will eventually take place tomorrow. The Perak's assembly is schedule to be opened tomorrow and it has to be convened before the last date; that is the 13th of May or it will be dissolve automatically. As a citizen of this peaceful nation, please do not do things that will bring unstability to this country. We are not like the Thais who have changed the government several times through street protest. What we want is a peaceful place to live in and continue with our daily chores. For the opposition, please do not go overboard and understand the true meanings of our Rukunegara. I pray to Allah that no untowards incident occur tomorrow and I do believe that majority of the Malaysians want to have a peaceful nation. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a sunny day in Ipoh.

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  1. Nafaskerbau@DV8May 7, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    Yes,Perakians are quite fed-up now.This chaos has to end.Politicians from both sides must put the people first.There will be troublemakers but good natured,peace loving people in Ipoh will always outnumber them.


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