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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chinese Tsunami

I concur with what Dato' Sri Najib said that the concluded election is indeed a "Chinese Tsunami". We all Malaysians have live in harmony for nearly 56 years. The polarization did happen if you read the trend of the Chinese voters. Why do they voted against BN even though the government has given in to them? For example, the quotas for the non Malays has been increased to 45% in the scholarship given by JPA yearly these past few years. Indeed, the word grateful is not in their mind. The government has even given more allocations for the Chinese type schools but the voters (Chinese) seem not to be grateful. Well, given the scenario, the Federal government should rethink of giving too much to the Chinese. It is better for the BN government to concentrate more to the Malays and the Indians. As for MCA which has only won 7 parliament seats, they should take a back seat and not being represented in the cabinet. It is not a punishment to the Chinese community but I do believe the Chinese do not need any government assistance. Remember, this country has given a lot of wealth to the Chinese community. From now onwards, I do believe that the Federal government should concentrate more on giving in to the needs of Malays and Indians!


  1. Mat hasan koka MB,pagi besok angkek sumpah.

  2. Setuju sgt2, Tapi PM dan TPM tetap berhati dan berjiwa Cina walaupun mereka berbangsa Melayu. PM dan TPM hanya nampak Melayu ketika Pemilihan Parti.

    Percaya dan saksikan PM dan TPM akan memberi lebih banyak peruntukkan dan peluang kepada orang Cina atas alasan mengambil dan menjaga hati mereka selepas ini.

    DS Najib dan TS Muhyidin harus berundur beri peluang kepada pemimpin akar umbi memimpin UMNO.

    UMNO pasti hancur pada PRU 15 kira2 10 tahun lagi apabila Generasi Y secara majoriti tidak lagi hendakkan UMNO.

  3. Dengar certo, Dato' Ishak Ismail, ADUN Lenggeng akan mengangkat sumpah sebagai MB Nisimilan pagi esok ( Rabu )

  4. Mano satu botoi?..

  5. A Truly Racist DictatorMay 8, 2013 at 12:05 AM

    PUTRAJAYA: A government without any Chinese representatives is not good for a multi-racial country like Malaysia, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Tuesday.

    He said MCA's decision not to accept any government posts at federal and state levels had left Barisan Nasional in a tricky situation.

    He questioned who would represent the Chinese in government, if not MCA as one of the three main component parties of Barisan.

    "Do we forget about them (MCA) altogether or do we find someone else?

    "The fact remain that some Chinese do support the government, hence why they (MCA) won seven (Parliamentary) seats," said the former Prime Minister.

    "If there are no Chinese in the government, the situation will not be good for the country because all along we believe in co-operation between the races," he said.

  6. The Chinese pretended to need help but thereality is they are indeed capable of standing on their own two feet and that is why the Chinese do not need BN. For that very reason, their children DO NOT NEED any federal scholarships anymore. So the govt, JPA, Education Ministry and other relevant agencies....please take note...they DON'T DESREVE and no need to make allocations. Likewise for the Chinese schools, thaey have many rich Chinese. Indeed the top 10 richest Malaysians are Chinese. Najib and gang...your move now....help the Bumiputras of Peninsula, SAbah and Sarwak and the very poor Indians not the rich modern Chinese sup[porting Indians...

  7. Exactly. Chinese does not need any assistance from the government. However, it is a well known fact that the government needs the Chinese to boost the economy. You seriously think that without Chinese, Malaysia could have lasted 56 years? Use your brain! The world could use lesser idiots like you.

  8. Anon 6:04 AM

    government needs the Chinese to boost the economy. this is a joke right?

  9. it is very sad to hear that in this globalisation we still think that for malaysia to survive malaysia need to bow for the cina malaysia economic power. now it is the right time to expand our fdi by inviting more middle east companies investing here in malaysia. a diverst economy consisting numerous investors from al type of bangsa would be healthy for malaysian economic system.

  10. den doakan Menteri bosa kali ni yg tidak bersikap pilih bulu, salah pilih calun, tak mahu dengar cakap2 kawan2 dari bahagian lain, tidak melaga2kan ketua2 bhg & tidak menaja calun bebas apabila tidak puas hati dgn calun yg ado...

  11. Sok kau sosak kau pinjam along cino jgk... bank tk dpt sobab blacklist PTPN tk byr...hee..hee..


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