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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The new Cabinet

The announcement of the new cabinet by the Prime Minister is timely. No seats are given to the MCA and this is fair as they did not do well in the election. Furthermore, they did pass a resolution in their AGM not to take any post in the cabinet if they do not do well in the GE. They did so poor that they only won 7 parliamentary seats. So, this time around, do stay at the back and be good backbenchers for the BN. 

Gerakan too should be a good backbencher too (as they only won one parliamentary seat). As for the planned ABU (Anything But UMNO) demonstration soon, the anticipated crowd is definitely the young Chinese as they have shown in a few gathering before this. 

I personally feel that they have been persuaded by the opposition leaders to protest the result of the concluded GE as they (especially DAP) failed to take over the federal government. These young crowd may not realized the historical background of this country. 

Please read your history! Malaya gained independence after the Malay leaders reluctantly agreed to give 1 million citizenship to the non Malays. The migrants from China and India at that point of time felt that they should stay in Malaya as they are better off than in their motherland. The Malays accepted them as brothers. 56 years after independent, things change drastically. 

Now, these new generations of the migrant Chinese wanted more. They have gained everything, especially economic power and now they want the power to rule the motherland of the Malays. Pakatan Rakyat played the tune that it is not about racism but to protest about corruption. Is there any proof that blatant corruption happen in the government? This is a ploy to play hatred against the government. And the saddest part is that, there are some Malays who are trapped and played along with their game without realizing that what these people want is the power to change everything, especially the Constitution. 

I agree with Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah, the ex Court of Appeal judge. He said don't make the Malays run amok. He suggested the gazetted of the Malays reserve land especially in towns so that the Malays could cultivate these land. He also suggested to amend the Federal Constitution so that the Prime Minister must be a Malay and a Muslim, just like the Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri of the Malay states in this country. 

Enough is enough. They complained that Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar is getting a lot in wealth but ironically the top ten richest man in Malaysia (excluding Syed Mokhtar and Ananda Krishnan) are indeed Chinese. Please stop all these action as thing could get worse!

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