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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cerita BENAR? Atau Retorika? TALENT Scounting!

Talent Corp or Talent Corpse?

My Dear Fellow Malaysians: I am compelled to write to you regarding Talent Corp road show in the U.S. I have just attended one of their sessions at Marriott, Santa Clara. The turn-out was good.

About 200 Malaysians living in the Bay Area attended this event hoping to hear what they have to offer. Not surprising the event was a letdown. Talent Corp. sent amateurs to speak on behalf of Johan Merican, who was nowhere to be found.

The speaker was a young kid, Hidayat, who was very proud to tell the audience that there is nothing wrong with our Malaysian education system, because he graduated from MIT (imitation-Mara IT).. Let me say that that this kid was so naive, speaks poor English, has no business acumen, lacks any respect for Malaysian professionals/audience, and completely has no understanding of American business etiquette.

For someone who claims to be MIT graduate and used to work overseas as a consultant — he definitely did not possess any quality whatsoever. He failed to mention that he just spent just few years completing his undergraduate degree here in the US, and have never lived or worked in America. Real life work experience has no substitute. 

Being a graduate from MIT does not qualify him to talk down on professionals like us here in the Bay Area. He was utterly disrespectful. It was shameful to see such an individual addressing the audience. 

During the Q & A session, he was not able to substantiate his slide presentation. For instance, one of the benefits for luring back Malaysians abroad is by extending 15% income tax reduction, giving two cars, furniture, and so on.

When asked if he really thought it is a competitive package as opposed to other countries. He honestly believed it was, without citing any examples or comparisons.

This kid is so arrogant and insisted what the government says is for the good of all. When our fellow Malaysians asked about what the government was doing about immigration-laws, such as dual-citizenship, spouses able to find jobs in Malaysia, education for the children, insurance, diversity and inclusiveness, and so on — this ‘prick’ Hidayat was lost for words, nothing to say. FYI, the delegation was represented by people from the Northern Corridor (Dato’ Reza) and team, MSC (Dato’ Sham) and team, two young ladies from Khazanah, and Mr. Pang from MIDA.

Imagine them having to sit and listen to an amateur telling all of us what to do? When are they going to realize that they are wasting too much of Malaysian’s tax payers hard earned money; traveling with their families (on taxpayers’ money) to the US on the pretext of a business conference. Shameful! They brought along their wives and children for shopping and sight-seeing. Why must their wives and children come along on official trips paid with Malaysian tax payers money? Gross abuse of public funds.

MACC where art thou? Furthermore, Dato’ Sham (from MSC) even showed up late for the event, made no apology or showed no remorse. Another sign of lack of respect and arrogance . He simply “didn’t-give-a-damn! I said to them this is just another propaganda by Najib’s failing government. They were not serious about it “hangat-hangat tahi ayam aje”. So much for Najib’s plan to transform Malaysia into a high income nation……. show us you mean business Jibby….don’t send boys to do a man’s job. Especially ‘stupid boys’ and ‘pricks’ like Dato Sham from MSC…. Next time leave your families behind for official business overseas (don’t take them shopping and sightseeing on taxpayers monies). What a load of bullshit / hogwash!……talent corp a waste of good taxpayers money! Only then, Jibby you may talk about cutting subsidies, otherwise shut-up!

Thank you and Best regards, Vicky.


  1. Bye bye ah jib ros..bye Be eNd?hope u guys stay in hell..anything but umno.kool isn't it?foooyaAhhhh.go malaysian

  2. anything but umno? it's ok. just vote for bn.


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